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CompLexity Gaming in FIFA was not something you would normally say. However, times are changing and the Esports brand is looking for expansion. So, they’ve made their move, and they’ve signed up two of the most prominent players of North America.

First of those two would be Aa9skillz, who has 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and had multiple winning streaks. Many times, he was undefeated on Weekend League and he is the first one to sign the deal and become CompLexity’s Esports FIFA player.


He was quickly followed by another high tier hustler. The man is Joksan Redona, who has formidable experience in the LAN landscape. He started this season as the no.1 on the Global Series rankings, winning Paris Continental Cup and qualifying for many more upcoming events.

For this event, all of them shared some words with us. CompLexity themselves tweeted: “Together with Aa9skillz and Joksan Redona, we are thrilled to enter the competitive FIFA scene. Catch #coLFIFA in action next week at FUT Champions Cup in Singapore!”

Aa9skillz added: “Thank you, everyone!!! The love is unreal! I was so nervous about everything, didn’t know how you guys would feel but man it feels so good to see everyone as happy as I am!!! I love you guy soo much… I owe it all to you guys”

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Joksan Redona also had something to say about the collaboration: “Delighted to announce that I’ve signed with @compLexity! This is a huge step forward in my career and I’m ready to take on the new challenges. Let’s get to it!”

We are happy to see the Esports organization expand to new fields, giving us some new competitive content to enjoy. Seeing who entered their roster, CompLexity Gaming in FIFA is certainly not going to be a bunch of pushovers. We look forward to seeing their performance!

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