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Twitch stream fails don’t happen all the time (who am I lying, they do) but when they do – you can make a compilation that’s hours long. It’s just how it is; more screentime means higher chance of random ass stuff happening. In this case, some livestream fails, recording fails, any fails that happened on Twitch!

So we’ve decided to help you out a bit and prevent time-wasting searching the web for some Twitch stream fails. Yep, that’s right! We wasted time creating this article for you! Nah just kidding, it was actually interesting and hilarious going through a variety of stream fails but these 7 absolutely took the cake. Enjoy!

Hilarious Twitch Stream Fails

7. Streamers goggles snap

You know what they say, never trust swimming goggles when you’re walking away from someone. Our first Twitch stream fail comes in the form of a cosplay event. So there’s this lad, doing his own business, just recording the convention and then the video switches to a woman recording a dude in a weird outfit. He has loads of names written on the outfit which is intriguing as well.


At one point while she was following him and recording, he was playing around with the goggles he had on his head. Well, the inevitable happened and those mean, mean goggles snapped back towards the woman, hitting her slightly.

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They both laughed about it later but boy, aren’t those goggles dangerous!? (just a joke rlx)

6. GTA player tries to escape the police

The second Twitch stream fail comes from the guy playing GTA V at the 0:05 second mark of this video. Basically, he had a high wanted level, and he thought he could get out of it. We all know what a high wanted level means in GTA, especially GTA V, so you could take a swing at what happened next.


That’s right – complete chaos. The cops in this game are especially ruthless and sometimes it’s nigh impossible to run away. But this gentleman right here tried his best; maybe we can learn from him, eh?

5. NBA 2K19 player loses game at the last moment

THIS stream fail comes from NBA 2K19. As with the previous fails on this list, the video is attached below. 2K is KNOWN to make people rage. That’s what makes the game so damn entertaining. In this clip at the 1:16 mark, the person playing ends up losing a game at the last second. His reaction is… priceless.


The only game on par with 2K as far as raging is concerned is FIFA. And that would make for a separate article. So enjoy this salt factory, watch the whole video even – all reactions are absolutely bonkers!

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4. Player rages at Madden 19 insanity

In this Twitch stream fail, we’re going to see how angry Madden 19 makes people. At the 3:26 mark of this video, we see the type of foolishness that this past year’s Madden has made people endure. This guy’s reaction is very similar to the thousands (if not millions) of players who have had to deal with the annoying things that people do in this game. Check it out. It’s a real treat!


On a related note, it seems that Madden 20 is also fairly unpolished so we’re in for even more fails at a later date. Gotta say, whenever you’re feeling let down by life or some situation that’s bothering you, watch a couple of these rage videos. They will either make you laugh or not.

3. Pro Player on Overwatch Twitch Stream Fails Miserably

For this live stream fail, we HAVE to talk about Overwatch. As one of the most popular games of the decade, it’s a MUST. We all know the outcome of a match can change based on one tiny error. In this video, for instance, the player ends up killing himself on accident!


We have all seen this before, but it will always be funny to see. Also, this was a PRO player, which makes it even funnier! The video starts at the 3:26 mark.

2. Apex Legends-induced Rage

Apex Legends is a game that has heavily risen in popularity, and for good reason. People get VERY passionate about this game, win or lose. If you haven’t experienced the game and how it makes people rage, please go to the 3:24 mark of this video. It’s honestly HILARIOUS, and it’s also very realistic when it comes to how people react to video games as a whole.


It’s also kind of refreshing seeing these Twitch stream fails considering how the game has changed in the past few months. Not a lot of people are happy with the game’s status or the changes the devs made, so enjoy this slight blast from the past!

1. Player on Fortnite Twitch Stream Fails at Life

Did you think that Fortnite would not be at the top of this list? Come on, now. This game has been making people rage for years, and it still continues to be hilarious every single time! For this live stream fail, go to the 4:06 mark of this video. I have been laughing at this clip for the past five minutes.


I’m telling you, the L that this man took is easily one of the craziest Twitch stream fails I have ever seen. Go ahead and check it out! Hope you enjoyed this list of the top Twitch stream fails of 2019!

So did you enjoy these fails? Got any of your own that you’d like to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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