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The real fun of watching any competition is trying to predict the outcome of the game and be rewarded for it adequately. A reward potential enhances the watching experience a lot and gives you a supporting motive. So, whether you are a casual fan of the game or a die-hard veteran, knowing something about CSGO betting is recommended and a fun part of the experience.

Currently, betting with skins is having a hard time with the regulations. Right now, the first best alternative is to bet using regulated betting operators and real money. This also means that you are protected by the law, which also helps the real money betting industry grow.

CSGO Betting Tips Table of Contents

CSGO Betting Tips

Where to Bet on CSGO?

There are many operator sites to bet on this game, but we will pick out some beginner-friendly ones. These sites feature great beginner content and bonuses or serious customer support. We’re here to give you the info, and of course, it’s up to you to decide where you would like to practice your CSGO betting.

Preferably, don’t play this random-ass card game because it’s not really gambling, per se:

Betway – on this site, you get $30/€30 bonus for new customers. You can spend them as you like, and your first deposit will have a 100% bonus.

GG Bet – will give you a 100% bonus on a deposit up to $50

Arcane Bet – has a 100% bonus on deposit up to €100 with minimum rollover and minimum odds.

Tip Bets – has €5 for free bets on signup and a 100% welcome bonus on first signup.

We are doing our best to bring you the most rewarding ones to use. These sites are all checked and verified, with great security, support, and good odds.

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How to Deposit Money for CSGO Betting?

Depositing money for a bet should be just as easy as purchasing something online. Mostly, the websites work the same, but this should be an all-around list of what to do:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose a method for withdrawing or depositing as you prefer
  3. Connect your payment system (a financial account or card details)
  4. Enter the desired deposit amount!

That’s it! Easy as pie. You can deposit money every way you like – whether it is a Credit Card or one of the online payment systems (PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer), you can do it with ease. Skrill and Neteller give you shorter withdrawal processing times and a lower minimum deposit. Hence, these are the ones we suggest the most.

How to Place a CSGO Bet?

The point of this, of course, is for you to predict the certain outcomes in the game. There are always two teams playing and they’re marked as team 1 and 2 in every betting platform. What you’re supposed to do is click the odds in your team’s belonging row. This is where you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit. On this stage, you click Submit and you’re all done!

How to Withdraw Funds after CSGO Betting?

This is usually done just like depositing the funds. Whether you used Neteller, PayPal or Payoneer, the betting operator will fund your winning prize to your financial account. If you’d like for your withdrawal account to differ from the depositing one, most operators offer this, but you should check whether it’s available.

Money withdraw after betting on csgo

You might do this exact action if you win a CSGO bet!

Most sites will have that good-looking Withdraw button. In most cases, the transfer of funds takes around 6 to 24 hours, while with Credit cards, it takes longer – 24-48 hours. Bank transfers are usually the slowest, and this will take you anywhere from 5 to 15 days.

But, let’s not get too excited here – controlling yourself is important. CSGO Betting should only be fun! You should keep yourself safe and be disciplined enough not to slip into addiction. This is something we do not condone – be within limits and do not spend money you cannot afford to spend. If you’re interested in making this your secondary income, you need to know some advanced techniques. In that case, it’s possible, but be sure to know what you’re doing first.

What Competitive Formats are in CSGO?

Nowadays, Esports teams have different ways to enter a competition. They can win a qualifier or rank high during a league, or they can simply get invited to the event. Of course, not everyone gets invited and you have to be an already proven and good team to justify the invitation.

The betting options are now vastly expanded compared to their early counterparts. Unlike in the beginning when you could only bet on the match winner, now you have a wide array of occurrences to predict. You can bet on the winner of a map of your choice, how many rounds it will last, round handicap and many more things!

Outright betting is a little less diverse. On betting sites like, for example, Betway or GG Bet, you can still bet on tournament winners, country of origin of winners or region, who will have the most kills and similar.

Which Bet Types Exist in CSGO Betting?

Overall on these sites, there are many different types of CSGO betting you can try yourself out on. In the beginning, while CSGO betting was still young, all you could do is bet on the match winner. Many people were demanding more options, as this was simply not comprehensive enough. With demand, there is supply – as Esports betting grew, we had more and more different options. This means that with a better analysis of the situation, you have more chance to profit.

CSGO Betting Options Example

Just a couple of examples on CSGO Betting and some extra options

Of course, the first type would be the above mentioned Match Winner. You can choose your favorite who you think will win. Others include:

  • Live Betting allows you to bet on live Esports matches. This ranges from prop bets to parlays.
  • Hedge means placing your bets on different outcomes which increases chances of profit.
  • Overall Winner is betting on the end tournament or event winners.
  • Parlays means combining multiple bets together which means worse odds to win, but a bigger reward for winning.
  • Over/Under bets are bets placed against bookmaker’s prediction.
  • First Blood is mostly self-explanatory – betting on the first team to kill an opposing player.
  • First Map is for betting on which team will win the first map of the game.
  • Odd/Even is based on a number of confirmed kills in a round.
  • Handicap is predicting when the bookmaker says the odds are even.

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Betting with Skins in CSGO

Skins are a very important aspect of this game economy-wise. They provide players and professionals with a way to distinguish themselves and often go for a lot of money. The skin industry helped the game be even more profitable.

CSGO Skin betting

Image courtesy: Polygon

Some of the Twitch streamers hosted big giveaways, attracting the audience and broadening the popularity of the game. At some point, skin gambling got discontinued due to regulations, but now it is back in some way – player-to-player.

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You can also place bets with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin over at OneHash!

Betting with Money in CSGO

As skin gambling was abolished, the atmosphere started cooling down drastically. However, Esports betting is becoming more and more influential. It became a part of many global betting operators. The giant sites like Betway are among the first operators to include betting with real money on Esports. As time goes, they are only expanding their features and offers.

With that, the CSGO betting scene was brought back to life. With bettors, this attracts sponsors who in turn give more money for prize pools. The bigger the prize pools, the more determine and serious the professional player base is. Furthermore, this brings us an extremely heated and fun competition to watch and bet on, reinforcing the circle and keeping the game in the spotlight.

Things can get pretty hectic with large-scale CSGO bets:

As a result, most CSGO Major tournaments have a prize pool of around a million dollars. Although not as large as some other titles, this is most definitely not small money.

Since the game became free-to-play, it attracted many people who would not try the game otherwise. The player base is growing and we might see a 1 million concurrent players record be breached soon. The future of CSGO is bright!

CSGO Events in 2019

2012 was an important year for our favorite game as that’s when it had its first Esports pro event. Players were gathering to compete with the virtual guns and pistols for the first time, trying their skills out and giving themselves a chance to become successful in the business. At the time, of course, not a lot of money was involved, but as popularity grew, so did the economy.

It turned out as it did, with more than 30 major events throughout the year; marking 2019 as one of the biggest years for CSGO Esports.

Some of the events that have happened/are yet to happen in 2019 are:

  • IEM Katowice 2019
  • Cobx Masters 2019 – Phase 2
  • World Electronic Sports Games 2019-2019
  • BLAST Pro Series: São Paulo 2019
  • BLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019
  • United Masters League – Season 1
  • FPSThailand CSGO Pro League – Season 6
  • StarSeries & i-League CSGO – Season 7
  • DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019
  • DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019
  • DreamHack Open Tours 2019
  • DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019
  • DreamHack Open Winter 2019
  • DreamHack Open Summer 2019
  • DreamHack Open Montreal 2019
  • DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019
  • ESL Pro League Season 9 – Asia, Oceania, Europe, Americas
  • ESL Pro League Season 9 – Finals
  • ESL One: Cologne 2019

Most of these tournaments have finished so either pick up the slack and start CSGO betting now, or wait until 2020 when new events are announced and start fresh!

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What are Fantasy CSGO Leagues?

These are mainly popular in regular sports, like soccer or the NBA. However, as Esports continues to grow, we now see Fantasy leagues slowly expanding to them too.

Basically, a Fantasy League is an online game where people assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These virtual teams’ performance is based on the statistical performance of those players in actual, real-life games. A very interesting concept of CSGO betting.

So, you can create them too. You will have every player available on a certain match at your disposal. As a player’s overall performance is better and he is able to win more duels, he will cost more, too. Sometimes you’ll find a salary cap limit. However, in most cases, there is none. In the salary cap pools, you can’t create a full superstar team with all the best players from everywhere. In regular fantasy pools, on the other hand, you can, but you have a different restriction – you can’t use more than two players from the same team!

CSGO fantasy league

Fantasy League courtesy of HLTV!

Some of the bookmakers will offer skins for the game, but most operate on real money.

Top 10 CSGO Teams in 2019

The CSGO scene only has more and more teams as time passes. As everyone seeks success, it’s natural that only a few of them can be at the top. However, the entire magic of following the scene is seeing who will prevail – from time to time, a certain new team will smash everybody’s expectations and take over everyone’s attention. If you expect to have higher chances in CSGO betting, knowing this is almost necessary.

Team Liquid CSGO team

Team Liquid is the first NA #1-ranked CSGO team ever! So they’re a good choice for CSGO betting

The top 10 CSGO teams in 2019 are:

  1. Team Liquid
  2. Vitality
  3. ENCE
  4. Astralis
  5. NRG
  6. Natus Vincere
  7. G2 Esports
  8. FaZe Clan
  9. Mousesports
  10. FURIA

Best CSGO Individual Players in 2019

We tend to give a lot of credit to the teams themselves as a whole, but it’s the people in them who do all the work. So just like we have top teams, we have top players in those teams. This is an important part of the story for CSGO betting!

Being a casual player is easy – you log in, shoot a few opponents, let off your steam and log off when you’ve had enough. But, just like in any other profession, being a pro CSGO player is hard and requires a lot of dedication and giving things up. It will cost you your time with friends and family, but it has the potential to be really rewarding. Even if you are not the winner, you earn money and get to travel around the globe.

The best players we know about are the most devoted. Here’s a list of few:
  • Twistzz, currently playing for Team Liquid
  • S1mple, currently playing for Natus Vincere
  • ZywOo, currently playing for Vitality
  • NiKo, currently playing for FaZe Clan

Well-known CSGO Streamers

It’s a good idea to watch some CSGO streamers do their work on Twitch to get a glimpse of how the game works. On top of that, follow some CSGO Esports channels in an effort to figure out which teams are strong and which aren’t. Also, you’ll most likely be watching a CSGO tournament on some of these Esports channels, so pay attention!

IzakOOO CSGO Streamer

One of the most famous CSGO streamers right now

  • IzakOOO – around 1.2M followers
  • FaceIt TV – around 1.6M followers (Esports channel)
  • StarLadder_cs_en – around 800K followers (Esports channel)
  • gaules – around 775K followers

Do you think you’ll be starting a hobby related to CSGO betting? Let us know in the comments below!

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