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Ever wished to have the mobility of playing your favorite PC games such as CSGO? Well, wait no more! With the addition of the Steam Link app, Games can be broadcasted on your phone or any other device. You can play by connecting a controller or keyboard. The Steam Link mobile app is like a dream concept for anyone who’s ever thought how neat it would be to play PC games on your phone. In an age of gamer phones and the Nintendo Switch offering outstanding options for gaming on the go, whatever clear distinction there was between “gaming” and “mobile gaming” is disappearing fast. And so, CSGO Mobile appeared out of the blue!

Valve’s contribution with the Steam Link app to let you stream your favorite Steam games from your PC to your mobile phone over a Wi-Fi connection. It’s still very much beta software, but it’s functional and available in the Play Store so I had to give it a go.

What is the Steam Link?

The latest update to the Steam Link app in the Google Play Store has added support for Steam Link Anywhere. It will allow you to stream your favorite Steam games from the PC to your phone pretty much anywhere, as the name suggests. Steam Link is closer to its final goal more than ever – and that’s seamless play anywhere.

To start testing Steam Link Anywhere, you’ll need to download and/or update to the latest version of the Steam Link beta app on the Google Play Store. You’ll also need to update your Steam Client to the beta build dated March 13 or newer. From there, you’ll need to head into the Steam Link computer settings and re-pair your computer and your phone.

Setting up CSGO Mobile

Knowing how to play CSGO on Mobile is fairly simple. You do need to know all the necessary prerequisites however. But, the initial set up process is very easy and a lot simpler than expected.

To create a connection you need a PC and phone to be on the same network. And you’ll need a controller to pair with your phone. The app recommends a Steam controller, but any Bluetooth controller should work.

Setting up the connection is dead simple, as the app walks you through the steps each time you load it up. You’ll need to pair your phone to your PC using a unique code generated on Steam on your PC. Once the connection is made your PC will start displaying the in-home streaming menu interface. My Steam library is fairly sparse, but I was able to load up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which I figured would be a good game to test as any amount of input lag would ruin the experience of gaming online or the precise controls needed for a platformer in a hurry.

CSGO Mobile Playing Experience

Even without any of the bugs, the game is virtually unplayable on a touch screen. This is because opponents are most likely to be on a PC and have better accuracy. Unlike PUBG Mobile, CSGO on mobile is simply a streamed version of its PC counterpart. It does not have auto aim and the relative simplicity that native mobile games support.

csgo mobile controls

Does this seem exciting or no?

Overall, I found the setup process dead simple. The results are satisfactory for an app still in beta testing.

However, one thing that I had the most difficulty figuring out is real-life scenarios where I would use this app. The novelty of being able to play PC games on your phone feels redundant when you know your phone is just mirroring another larger display in your house.

Reason For Implementing CSGO Mobile

The reason for implementation is simple. Playing PC Games like CSGO on mobile is its biggest selling point. However, the experience might be exciting once you get to see CSGO mobile being booted up. The change was brought in part due to increase of customer demand and the popularity of mobile users compared to console or PC. Major players are now developing Mobile apps so they can offer a brilliant experience to their consumers.


Some argue the Steamlink will change the way games are played

What are your reactions to such development? Do you believe that it will bring any change whatsoever? Will it increase the popularity of one of the biggest Game Publishing Softwares? Will it work flawlessly or Is it just put up as a Marketing Strategy?

What do you think about CSGO Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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