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CSGO dance and movement

One of the most important, if not the most important thing to know in CSGO is to know how to move. Some newcomers think it only comes down to finding enemies and pointing the crosshair at them. I mean, for some it does, but those players usually get mowed down within seconds. This is why we’ve created the CSGO movement guide!

So, if you want to improve skills, you need to get your moves right. While it sounds straightforward, it takes a large amount of practice to get right. You need to pay attention to strafing (and counter-strafing), peeking around corners, “the jiggle” and a few more things I’ll list here.

Over the years, there’s been lots of controversy about whether the movement variables are right or not. There’s been tons of research and people posted their ideal values many times. Valve did acknowledge some of those and they changed over time.

As they say, moving in this game separates men from the boys. So, here’s our CSGO movement guide on what you can do to master your moving and take your performance to the next level!

CSGO Movement Guide: Accuracy Factors and Strafing

Let’s start with Strafing, and accuracy in general.

Different factors affect your accuracy in CSGO. To start, there is the natural inaccuracy of the gun. M4A4 is, as you already know, more accurate than the AK-47.

m4a4 gun

Then you have recoil inaccuracy. Recoil always has a specific pattern! This means that you can memorize the pattern when you burst shoot and counter it, making the bullets end up in the same place.

Then, most importantly for this article, we have movement inaccuracy.

The faster you’re moving, the more inaccurate you’ll be. If you couple that up with the recoil, there is no way of knowing where the shots are going to land. To avoid that misfortune, you need to move under a certain speed threshold where your shots remain accurate.

So, when engaging someone, move slower within that threshold. All in all, the point of a CSGO match is to stay hard to hit while still shooting at enemies with accuracy.

DO NOT run directly at your targets and shoot at them. You’ll only become completely inaccurate, miss every shot and remain in the same spot in his vision the entire time. You’ll simply let him kill you by doing that.


If you come to a stop, you are instantly accurate again. This includes that moment while you are changing directions, too.

So, if you are strafing left and want to stop fast and shoot at enemies, just hit “D”. You’ll come to a stop, or change direction if desired to be more unpredictable. It is not advised to “ADADAD” –  you won’t accomplish much if you are predictable.

Remember when we said there is a certain threshold you need to remain in to remain accurate? Well, while you are within it, your accuracy is always the same as you were standing. This means that you can counter-strafe and burst-shoot at the same time (providing that you already know the recoil pattern and are compensating for it).

Counter-Strafing Around Corners and Shoulder Peeking

While in battle, naturally everyone will be looking for spots to cover themselves. Not many encounters happen on the open ground, so most of the time, you’ll be hidden from enemies behind a corner. While you’re there, you can use your counter-strafing abilities and peek right at the edge for a moment and land shots on your enemies.

Peek CSGO Movement Guide

This requires practice and precision, so be ready to spend some time trying to get it right.

You can also use counter-strafing to shoot positions where enemies often position themselves. This way you know where it’s most likely to meet an enemy and shoot in precaution while still keeping yourself safe.

As of the Shoulder Peek, this is commonly used to bait the enemy to come at you. You basically strafe to the corner enough so that your shoulder is visible to them. This taunts them to come out and take a better shot, which is the moment of weakness when you get your chance to eliminate them.

With counter-strafing around corners come “Jiggle” and “Wide” Peeking. Jiggle peeking is when you counter-strafe a corner and shoot every time you peek out. When someone does this, it’s incredibly hard to hit them, even more so if they are unpredictable.

So, repeat to yourself – remain unpredictable. Many players master the mechanics of how to do these things but remain repeating and predictable. This lets the player know when to time their shots and shoot you while you peek.

Wide peeking is the opposite. It’s when you suddenly strafe out of your cover and engaging your opponent directly. This is best done when the enemy doesn’t have where to hide once you’re out.

Crouching, Walking and Jumping

Crouching is generally not used very much during gameplay, primarily because it slows you down and the precision gain you get is insignificant. Guns are precise enough when used well so the trade-off of lost speed and gained precision doesn’t pay off.

So, instead of crouching for prolonged periods of time, we use it to trick our opponents. Skilled players mostly aim for the head, so if you pop out and crouch, they will miss the headshot and leave you with an advantage.

CSGO crouch

You can crouch in areas where you can hide the rest of your body and make your head hard to hit. Also, you can crouch jump, which is a way of climbing and not making a sound. Sound brings attention from enemies, and attention from enemies when not necessary is bad. This brings us to walking.

Walking, done with the Shift key, allows you to move slowly and stealthily. Enemies are always listening for your position, so by walking you don’t give yourself off and let them know you’re there.

Also, if someone else is walking, you better do it, too. If someone is doing a sneak attack, there’s nothing more annoying than when someone just blasts in to party and alerts every player in the closer proximity. Do not walk peek either, as it is simply not fast enough. You will slowly emerge out of the corner and probably die before you see what’s happening.

CSGO Movement Guide Walking

Lastly, we have Jumping. Normally not used very much, jumping makes you inaccurate and predictable. However, if you are an advanced player, you can use Air Strafing – you can strafe mid-air by using your mouse. It’s basically going in a circular motion while airborne. This is useful when you are trying to escape some trouble.

Another useful thing is that when you’re on a higher elevation and then jump down, you’ll have maximum precision when you land. You can just pop from the above to your enemies and hit ’em hard.

So, this is most of the CSGO movement guide covered. It’s easy to read and understand, but difficult to master and put to use. For beginners, only knowing these things exist is beneficial, as it gives them space to improve themselves. Later, you’ll have to practice, but practice makes perfect and with enough consistency, you’ll be dominating!


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