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For decades, Halo thrived as the golden pinnacle of Console Esports. It was the leading video game in terms of providing the fanbase with an enjoyable game; an opportunity to have a great experience while playing with friends. Major League Gaming built its tournament organization company on the video game and its game modes. But Halo had it’s downfall, and so did Halo content creation. Everybody knows that. But is that really the case?

Content Creation in Halo never died. It’s true that many content creators did switch over to popular console titles such as Call of Duty. But still, the vast majority stayed within the scene. From strafing tutorials to firefight skull challenges, a wide range of content emerged on a variety of platforms over the years. Most recently, a series of Halo talk shows has entered the picture. Talk shows such as the HCS Weekly, or The Ring Cast, have recently been gaining attention for their intent to get involved in Halo Content Creation.

Halo 5 Content Creation

Specifically, The Ring Cast aims at having a line-up of 3-4 guests who would discuss hot topics in Halo and its Esports scene with the host. These guests would include former professionals, former coaches, content creators, and casters. They will be having their first episode this Tuesday, July 2nd at 9:30 pm central on Twitch. Featured guests: Halo Observer Alex Irwin, Former Halo Professional Gary ‘LifeStyle’ Miller, Content Creator Paulshi, and MOorty, a caster.  If you’re interested in watching, be sure to check out Twitter as well, @TheRingCast.

343 Industries recently launched a brand new Halo Grassroots program. The program is designed to bring the community together to create more content revolving around Halo and its Esports scene. As a matter of fact, it’s supported by the developers themselves, which can lead to endless possibilities. This program isn’t just for content creation, it also promotes LAN tournaments all over the world. That includes the most recent H3 4v4 tournament hosted by UGC in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The program has one main mission: to keep Halo’s fanbase active and thriving until the launch of the next game, Halo Infinite.

Halo content creation

Content creation within Halo has never been more active after its fall from the top of Esports. One could compare the current state of Halo content creation to the time when Halo was the most played console video game. As the scene continues to grow, who knows how far the content will go, and if it can truly help Halo return to the top of console Esports.

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