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There’s an English-language publication focused solely on Denmark. Recently, it has reported that the Danish Armed Forces, Danish Defence, worked with Astralis to decide whether they should market themselves to gamers or not. Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and actual war don’t have a lot in common, the weapons motive explains the Astralis – Danish Defence cooperation.

Astralis Danish Defence

Of course, the country’s armed forces are not fooling around. Reportedly, Danish Defenses tested Astralis’ players for reaction time, building a mental image and acting on it, memory, and similar. The point was to see how they compare to average people in the same age group.

The results were interesting, to say the least. The professional players decimated their average counterparts. The Astralis – Danish Defence work was fruitful and now they are considering a recruitment drive focused towards people who play video games often.

They are now set to create a partnership with Esports Danmark. This organization, founded in 2007, has a goal of making Denmark “one of the world’s leading countries in the field of Esports”. They have certainly succeeded in that, and the partnership will help increase the number of military applicants who game.

However, Denmark is not the first one to try something like this. Last year, the U.S. Air Force started seeing the potential of gamers. The potential is real as they started sponsoring the Cloud9’s CS: GO team. This was around the same time they expanded their partnership with Turner and ELEAGUE.

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But in the end, it’s not really surprising that Esports professionals excel in the given categories. After all, those people are disciplined and are at the top of their game. We have yet to see how a gamer who’s not the best CS: GO player in the world will fair in similar conditions.

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