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As Day 4 of Dota 2’s DreamLeague Major Bo3 Continues, Evil Geniuses Fight for Position in the Semi-Finals

In game one, the expected came to be – Evil Geniuses smashed Keen Gaming. The game only took 23 minutes, as Evil Geniuses didn’t leave any space for Keen Gaming to respond. Arteezy outperformed old.chicken, making his Naix unstoppable, and the rest of the team followed.

Before game two started, Evil Geniuses’ draft was rather strange. Going Ursa as their first pick, and Underlord on Suma1l was something never to be seen before. But nonetheless, we were ready for new plays to surprise us.

Credit image: DreamHack

As the meta prevails, Suma1l rushed his Rod of Atos, making incredible ganks throughout the game, putting his team into an advantage we all expected to happen. But despite that, Keen Gaming still managed to build-up their Sven into the strongest carry on the map.

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At minute 36, Evil Geniuses didn’t see this coming. In the brink of battle, Keen Gaming split out the fight closing their opposing team into a sandwitch position. This confused Evil Geniuses making their focus on everyone, but the Sven who sliced their entire team in half. The Chinese team then repeated the same, making another wipe on EG, afterwhich they punished them by taking two side rax, and with that, the win of the second game in the Bo3.

Image Credit: Evil Geniuses

In the third, and final game, Keen Gaming didn’t lose their momentum. By the draft pick, we could already see that the Chinese were prepared; denying any chance for Arteezy to build-up his Spectre to what we know to be the end game for any opposing team. With their focus on Arteezy, Keen Gaming did not allow any help from his team. Strategiclly crushing his supports, zoning-out midlane, and not allowing him to farm, Keen Gaming got their deserving third match and position in the semi-finals.

Evil Geniuses are now left to fight for their survival in the Lower Bracket, and hopefully they will redeem themselves, by not underestemating their opposing team.


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