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Day 4 DreamLeague Major: Team Secret Shows Everyone they’re not messing around

Mentioning the winning streak they lost before,  everyone had it thinking that Dota 2 Team Secret had lost their way, but in the Dota 2 DreamLeague’s Major competing against Infamous Gaming in the Bo3, they begged to differ.

In the game one early stage, both teams were evenly matched. Besides Team Secret having more kills on their side, the gold difference in net worth was constantly shifting with only 1k gold.

The waves of the game rapidly changed with one crucial mistake from Timado of Infamous gaming. By getting caught solo out of position by zai, Team Secret was allowed to grab a quick Roshan, just right before Nisha started to rain havoc.

dota 2 team secretImage Credit: Team Secret

Nisha on his Morphling showed what true dominance is. By just standing on Infamous mid-lane T1 Tower, demolishing it down, no one dared to approach him. With Nisha’s momentum, the team followed him, wiping down Infamous, and forcing them to call ‘GG’ for game one of Bo3.

After Nisha opening their sight, Dota 2 Team Secret knew what they were capable of doing against Infamous in the game two. In just 12 minutes of the game, you could see zai on his Bounty Hunter diving a T2 tower going 6:0, bringing the same havoc to Infamous, as Nisha invoked in the game earlier. The game two didn’t last long, with YapzOr finishing it with a 4-man black hole in the minute 20, where Infamous called in their ‘GG’.

What a true leader can awake in his team, was shown in this game by Nisha. In the upcoming semi-finals of DreamLeague’s Major tournament, he is definitely someone to be feared of.


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