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As series of Dota 2 DreamLeague Major were heavily engaged in battle, at Day 4, Fnatic and Virtus.pro gave us an excruciating gameplay that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

First game, started a bit passive. In the first 15 minutes, we could’ve seen the tactical splitpush-farming game, with little action taking on the map. From few kills on the top and bottom lane, with some rivalry going on the middle vs Abed and No[O]ne, the teams were just going back and forth with only 1k gold advantage. There wasn’t really much to look at.

At the 19-minute-mark, Virtus.pro finally decides to make a move, which, unfortunately, was their fatal. At this stage of the game, risky enough, VP grabs a smoke and heads for Roshan. Seeing that there is no trap from Abed’s Templar Assassin, they were certain that this one was in the bag. But, Fnatic’s senses tingled. As Roshan was only at its 15% HP, Fnatic dives in, steals Roshan, forcing 3 buybacks from VP, and takes the lead with Aegis that came with it.

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The tension of this game was so immense, that even with this lead, Fnatic was pushing only little-by-little. Going back and forth, Fnatic’s advantage decayed over time and were back to 1k lead, as it was at the beginning of the game. In the next 10 minutes, both teams were playing extremely safe, calculating their every move, and preparing for the next team fight.

Fnatic and Virtus.pro

But at minute 32, the game was about to unravel. Fnatic strategically baiting out the Rosh-fight, wipes out VP’s entire team, after which they take their bottom rax, positioning themselves into a 9k gold lead. From this point onward, Fnatic crushes any intention of VP trying to come back into the game. After 8 minutes of struggling, VP comes to the realization that this is not their game, and decides to call ‘GG’.

Similar to game one, both teams were pretty even during the early stages of the game, but it was obvious to see that VP was losing their momentum. After 15 minutes of the game, Fnatic built-up a small lead, making another 5-man wipe on VP. This leads them to take two sides of rax, and VP just didn’t have the energy and decides to call ‘GG’.

Image Credit: Tinek

It is noteworthy to say, that DJ on his Shadow Shaman with his aggressively-outstanding plays throughout both of the games, and Abed on his Templar Assassin in the first, and Pangolier in the second game, secured Fnatic the 2:0 win and placement in the Dota 2’s Major semi-finals.

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