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As the DreamLeague Major is coming to an end, it has brought us yet another exciting elimination round of the lower bracket stages. The brawl was fantastic, and in case you missed it here is how it all went down.

Mineski, as the favorites of the lower bracket series, seemed very confident with their Elder Titan pick in the draft phase. But as the game started, favors took on the other side.

J.Storm started the game with an early game lead, with six kills made within the first 6 minutes. With perfectly timed rotations, gank positioning at it’s finest, and ward control, J.Storm were making themselves space for great late game domination.

Image Credit: Mineski

On the other side, Bryle on his Queen of Pain with all this pressure from J.Storm was still able to take control and not let his team down. Only as a support, he was able to make space for Moo to farm, make 17 assists, and grab 8 kills on his own.

queen of pain dreamleague major j.stormImage Credit: Allien Ware Arena

Despite all the effort, Mineski never really came back into the game. After enduring 53 minutes of  J.Storm’s constant pushing, Mineski called in ‘GG’.

In game two, it was obvious to see that J.Storm converged their confidence. With Mineski taking a small lead advantage in the early game, J.Storm started stomping them with their kill-potential.

J. Storm’s rotations were automatic, map control on sight through the whole mid-game phase, and with rax taken on top, it looked as if Mineski was giving up.

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Regaining what strength they had left, Mineski went for all or nothing. They teamed-up and rushed mid-lane, grabbing 3 kills on J.Storm’s high ground, quickly taking the ranged rax and forcing all 3 buybacks, putting themselves back in a stable position.

But J.Storm didn’t let that last. At 41 minutes, they returned the favor by killing all 3 Mineski’s cores and giving themselves a 100-second gap to take both mid and bottom rax, thus unleashing mega-creeps.

dota 2 megacreeps

Mineski honorably holding to the very end, threw everything they had into their defense, but J.Storm’s pressure was just too overwhelming. Left with nothing else, Mineski loses their throne, and the chance for moving forward in the qualifications DreamLeagueMajor. During the DreamLeague Major, J.Storm showed incredible promise and potential. Who knows what comes next for this team?


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