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Before the game one started, NiP did what they’re best at. Picking Chen, Shadow Shaman, and Lycan in their draft, they were ready for the push of their lives. But little did they know, Timbersaw just wasn’t the right fit for their composition. On the other side, EG decided for a more manly lineup.

On the beginning of the game, EG didn’t waste their time. With Cr1t’s Earth Spirit, roaming through the map, making his rotations flawless, the early game kills for Evil Geniuses were inevitable.

evil geniuses qualify for ti9Image credit: Evil Geniuses

With their early game tactic to push towers, NiP just couldn’t bring out the fight to the opposing team. Using this advantage, EG slowly started to build up their cores, which eventually led to their win over the first game. Things were starting to look good for Evil Geniuses!

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After seeing how Cr1t  effectively dominated with Earth Spirit against NiP in game one, EG without hesitation picked ES as their first pick in the round two. NiP, on the other hand, focused on Evil Geniuses’ team fight, surrounding their pick on Huskar, didn’t see that they were directly falling into EG’s trap.

NiP endured well against EG’s pressure in the first 10 minutes of the game, but as game prolonged further, Evil Geniuses started crushing any attempt of NiP’s team fight positioning.

Slow and steady was the gameplay of EG in round two. Fight after fight, tower after tower, Evil Geniuses build up their main cores into an unstoppable force, that NiP just couldn’t withstand.

After their 2:0 triumph, Evil Geniuses pushed further into the series, and with enough DPC points from this Major, secured their position for the upcoming TI9. That is the story of how Evil Geniuses qualify for TI9!


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