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With the beginning of the second season of Drodo Studio, two softies Dazzle & IO have been added to Dota Auto-Chess. Additional to the two new heroes, some major changes were been inflicted to the Dota 2’s most popular arcade game. These changes include the mechanics of the game, tweaking hero synergies, and balancing OP heroes.

Before we jump into the new season update, it’s also important to mention that Drodo Studio marked May 1st as an “offseason” day. This means that all games played on this day will not contribute to players’ ranks. Furthermore, with the ending of the season, all players were rewarded with ‘free candies’ regarding their previous ranks.

The Pawn players got 20 candies while majestic Queen players received 320 candies with the pimp BlingBling Crown. Due to the authority of Drodo’s Twitter post, the game devs let us know that each season at Drodo Island Chess Room will last for two months.

In the Two Softies Dazzle & IO Added To Dota Auto-Chess article you will find out that Drodo Studio listens to its fanbase, by adding the informational panel. It allows you see each player’s current chess pieces, hero levels, and active synergies.

Image courtesy: Dota Auto-Chess

Also important to mention are the in-game features that were also revamped to incorporate more detailed info regarding each player. With the informational panel added, you can now see each player’s current chess pieces, hero levels, and active synergies. This was usually a problem where sometimes you wouldn’t have the time to see which player is playing what synergy.

Checking an opponents’ board for information is an essential part of the game, helping to build the right lineup and lay out future strats. Thankfully, Drodo Studios is kind enough to listen to its fanbase and improve their game for the greater good.

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What are Dazzle & IO Synergies?

Here comes the most exciting part of the update. With two softies Dazzle & IO added to Dota Auto-Chess’ board, come opportunities for better synergies. Dazzle the Troll Priest, is coming in as the first Priest ever to hit the arcade game. His unique ability is to shield your courier for 20% from damage taken when you lose a battle.

Moreover, his Troll synergy also makes it easier to stack up all four Trolls for maximum attack speed rampage. With his cost of $3, Dazzle has an active ability – Shallow Grave, that prevents a random unit on the board from lethal damage for four seconds. What’s most exciting is that he can cast Shallow Grave on multiple units when upgraded to higher levels.

What surprised us the most was Drodo Studio’s new legendary hero – IO. This wildcard comes as an Elf with no class and has one of the most powerful of all passive abilities. If paired with two of the same unit, IO will act as the third, committing to the ultimate support role.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that one of the most contested synergies had a slight make over. The knights combo was reworked to include a 40% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield for all friendly knights with the first-level synergy. Additionally, having six knights will now grant allies a 35% chance to proc a damage-reducing shield.

For the full list of reworked heroes and items, be sure to check here for the complete patch notes.

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