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The Los Angeles Gladiators took the stage at Blizzard Arena with newcomer Gui-un “Decay” Jang on Zarya, and this OWL rookie’s debut was an excellent showing.

There’s been a fair amount of buzz surrounding Decay’s debut, and it seems that it’s well earned. Los Angeles lost to London Spitfire 1-2, having pulled out a tie map on Numbani. Decay, however, proved that he can more than hang with the pros, drumming up stats equivalent to the opposing Profit.  Decay poured out an impressive average of twelve thousand damage per ten minutes, rocketing up to the number two spot in the league overall.

One game in, Decay’s stats are already looking sharp. Stats as displayed on the OWL official site.

While this is his first time competing in Overwatch League, Decay isn’t new to the world of professional Overwatch. He played in two seasons of Overwatch Contenders in Korea in 2018, and has been building his reputation in tournaments since 2017.

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Decay is known for playing DPS heroes like Tracer and Genji, so it’s all the more impressive that he’s playing such a competent Zarya in the current meta, which relies heavily on his ability to grind up ult charge using Zarya’s projectile fire. And while a Tracer or Widowmaker can afford to play a bit independently, Zarya really depends on synergy with her team. Decay had team-synergy in spades, and it’s thanks in no small part to him that the Gladiators put up such a strong fight against a team as powerful as Spitfire.

You might not see him streaming for a while, since he’s busy racking up kills on-stage, but you can catch Decay on Twitch and keep up with him on Twitter.

Congratulations to Decay for a strong debut, and I’m wishing him the best in the upcoming season.


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