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Overwatch Contenders is a Major series of pro Overwatch tournaments, organized by Blizzard Entertainment. Details about Overwatch Contenders 2019 have been changed as the tournament is continuing to expand.

It debuted in 2017 with Contenders Season Zero and Contenders 2017 Season 1 in North America and Europe. In 2018, they expanded to seven following regions: North America, South America, Australia, China, Europe, Korea, and Pacific.

overwatch contenders 2019

These upcoming changes are going to be exciting for both the players and spectators of the event.

In the 2019 iteration, all eight regions in Contenders will be choosing their champions throughout two competitive seasons. Both of them will come in four phases, with Trials being phase one. Each of those seasons will be ending with a tournament with each region’s top teams competing against each other.

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Overwatch Contenders 2019 will boast over $3 million in prizes, with, naturally, larger portions being awarded to the top-performing teams. The Atlantic and Pacific Showdowns will have a $125,000 pool, and The Gauntlet will have a $250,000 pool.

Phase one will be labeled as Trials since this will be the transitional tournament from the 12 teams per region format to 8. It will take top four teams from Open Division and bottom two from 2019 Season 1, which will be competing against each other.

overwatch contenders trials

Phase two is the regular season, coming after the playoffs and showdowns, in the Atlantic and Pacific, and the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet will have 10 teams competing in group stages and a double elimination bracket. It will feature the teams from the top-performing regions from the Season 2, along with the best teams from the Atlantic and Pacific Showdowns.

Contenders Season 1 Trials are going on as we speak, and the regular season will begin on February 24.


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