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Differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield

CoD vs Battlefield – Is There a Clear Winner?

The rivalry between Call of Duty and Battlefield is a bit tamer than the one between League of Legends and DotA, but it can still get explosive. Differences between these games aren’t all visible so easily; some are hidden but still attribute to various playstyles associated with both of these games.

Technically, much more people prefer CoD; mainly because the gameplay is rather simple: Get guns and shoot others. Battlefield also has these features but there’s a certain dose of tactics involved in playing this game.

So, if you ever wanted to understand the major differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield so you can make a choice for yourself (or just live with the knowledge) – this is the perfect article for you. I’m going to be talking about what sets these two games apart and why they’re both so popular.

Okay, first difference? Gameplay!

Gameplay Elements Bear Quite the Difference

Call of Duty is your regular shoot-em-up. You select your loadout and go hunting for the enemy. In most cases, the game doesn’t require any higher form of strategy (which I’ll explain down the way) except where you coordinate your movements with your teammates. The maps are relatively small (apart from a couple of bigger ones) and they’re densely packed (meaning, you don’t get a lot of free roam).

Battlefield, on the other hand, has much bigger maps and tactics are more at play. There are also vehicles which you can drive such as tanks, helicopters, and planes. So, if you like driving around in a tank, searching for enemy tanks – Battlefield is for you. Compared to that, if you want quick-paced gameplay with not too much thinking about what the enemy is doing – pick CoD. This is one of the first differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield that you notice.

Game Progression is the Key

This is where it gets a little bit closer. In Call of Duty, the better you are in a match, the more possibilities you’ll have. Calling in an air-strike or using a UAV to see where your enemies are are two such abilities. Of course, there’s the progression system associated with how long you’ve been playing and how good you are. The higher this is, the better weapons and gear you’ll have.

Battlefield is similar although it doesn’t necessarily have all that stuff in a match. You still level up and progress but the rewards are activated before a match (better guns, equipment, etc.).

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Let’s Not Forget About Teamplay…

Technically, Battlefield should be a better team game since it requires more tactics, coordination, and everything in between, but due to how people play the game, it isn’t always the case. Nonetheless, we can think of Battlefield as a better simulation than CoD because you really do have to utilize the vehicles that are available. It’s supposed to give you a feel of every form of warfare (planes, choppers, tanks, mobile AA units, and others).

This means that you might end up in a vehicle with multiple other people which all have a part to play. In that sense, there’s a lot more teamplay going on than in CoD.

This is not to say that CoD is terrible at teamplay or something like that. It just uses a different kind of teamplay! I always thought that CoD is similar to Counter Strike in the sense that you spawn on a map and start killing enemies, but there are a couple of features that CoD uses to elevate it a bit more towards the simulation part I talked about. This is best seen when playing eSports and figuring out what each team member is doing.

Learning Curve Is No Different Either

The differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield are, to put it simply, everywhere…. So, the next logical question is – Which game can you play well as soon as you jump in? The answer is…


Both games require time and effort in order to play skillfully which isn’t surprising considering the pedigree surrounding both CoD and Battlefield. You could argue that Battlefield takes a bit longer to learn since there’s more stuff to do (again, vehicles), but they aren’t that tough to use (except helicopters, f*ck those).

Call of Duty also takes some experience to be even remotely good and that comes down from learning the guns, the equipment, how to use proper cover, etc. The learning curve is something people often forget when talking about the differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Wrapping things up…

Both games are amazing and the gaming world has been enriched by their presence. We aren’t talking about specific titles (some of which I want to forget) but about the gameplay revolving around the franchise as a whole. And with that said, I can’t give any of the games a clear advantage, at least from an objective standpoint. That’s why people often find it tough to choose which game to pick, even when it comes to eSports betting (you always strive for the better option for yourself).

Subjectively, I always preferred Battlefield, mainly because of its versatility and vehicle usage, but CoD is also something close to my heart. The differences just make these games unique, but they’re virtually the same (well not really but you get what I’m saying).

Besides, if they were the same, it wouldn’t be fun, now would it? This way, you have the choice between two great franchises from where you can pull a title and say “Hey this is the one I want to try!”


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