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Most of these banned video games didn’t surprise me, it was more surprising where they were banned. Even though some of these are legal and didn’t seem to receive much backlash in your neck of the woods, they probably got tons of attention elsewhere. A lot of these banned games are games from our past and aren’t on our up to date platforms.

But wait a minute, you can still play a number of these banned video games with the current widely used platforms. Just because you bought a copy in your native country without any issues, doesn’t mean it’s legally accepted or even present in another country for its various reasons which we will cover.

Titles such as God of War, Custer’s Revenge, Bully, The Guy Game, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Pokemon GO, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,GTA, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, 50 Cent: Bulletproof are just to name a few to stir the pot.

Banned Video Games scene from Bully PC Game

Bully Scholarship Edition where you… Bully others!

Just these few mentions will open your mind to the realization that there are so many banned games out there with content that had some bit of controversy tied to it.

Here I will mention some internationally banned video games. In most cases the games under this category are banned for extreme violence and gore, but some are banned for other reasons.

Top 5 Banned Video Games – Everything you Need to Know

5. Postal 2

Postal 2 is a game where your objective is to complete mundane tasks such as ‘get some milk’ or ‘buy this/that’. The player can accomplish these tasks in any way he wishes, be it through violence or passiveness (though most prefer to be violent since it’s more fun).

What Countries is Postal 2 Banned in?

New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, France, Germany

Why is it Banned?

If you were to go back in time to 1997, you’d experience the first Postal game. Though excruciatingly violent, times were relatively different to not only now, but when Postal 2 came out. The first Postal game achieved some semblance of success and then in 2003, the developer released Postal 2. Now mind you, I’m not saying this is the most violent game in the world, but it comes darn close.

Postal 2 Banned Video Games


First up, all of the listed countries have banned the game due to extremely high levels of violence; all of which the player (playing the Postal Dude as he’s called in game) commits. Large numbers of unique murders, injuries, weapons, everything.

It comes as no surprise that 6 countries have outright banned the game but what is surprising is that not more than 6 did. If this game was released to day, half of the world would probably prevent its existence. But, as it was 2003, most didn’t think of it as inherently dangerous; meaning people wouldn’t try to recreate what they saw ingame (which is common sense; it’s a video game). Nonetheless, Postal 2 was banned and this caused controversy among the player base as many thought banning such a game was unnecessary. After all, not everything in life is sunshine and rainbows, or so their argument went.

Make of this game what you will, but if you decide to play it through a VPN, it’s best you look at it as a ‘black-comedy’ game that doesn’t try to emulate the real world (and in some cases, it’s quite humorous).

4. Manhunt Series

Manhunt is a psychological horror game released in 2007 where your main goal is to escape the Dixmor Asylum (controlling two people; Daniel Lamb – the main character you control and Leo Kasper – the villain). On the road the freedom, you will have to stealthily execute guards, enemies, and anything in your path.

What Countries is Manhunt Banned in?

South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and Germany

Why is it Banned?

First on my list at no surprise is the entire Manhunt series (especially Manhunt 2). The first Manhunt may have gotten a slight pass at first, but note was taken on how violent the game is and how impactful or realistic someone playing the game could recreate violent actions.

Manhunt Series Dentist Chair Execution

Open wide for the dentist

Manhunt, for those who are unfamiliar, is probably the most universally banned game to date. Manhunt is a psych-horror and self-stealth game of hide in seek just flip-flopped in a sense. You are seeking freedom while supposedly on Death Row, given chances to stay alive by murdering more while being watched and surviving in the midst of that. But Manhunt 2 came along and the developers took it to another level.

U.S Representative Joe Baca said this about the game of Manhunt, “it’s telling kids how to kill someone, and it uses vicious, sadistic and cruel methods to kill”. Manhunt was accused of encouraging killing while having a point system in place for how violent the kills were.

Shortly after Manhunt 2’s release it was insisted that this game was a factor in a real life murder that had actually taken place. An attempted U.S. ban of Manhunt failed, but an edited version has succeeded in other places in the world.

3. RapeLay

RapeLay is a video game where the storyline revolves around Masaya Kimura; the son of a powerful politician. He was arrested for assault and molestation of 16-Year old Aoi Kiryu. The gameplay then focuses on raping Aoi and her mother. Disgusting.

What Countries is RapeLay Banned in?

Brazil, China, Germany, Japan (where it was made), Malaysia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia; Argentina & Indonesia (Illegal to sell game, not illegal to play)

Why is it Banned?

RapeLay is Japanese 3D eroge-style video game that I agree should be banned, not just in these countries, but all over the world.. The sole objective of the game is to seek revenge….in a twisted way.

Rapelay banned video game main menu

Truly inconspicuous

After Kimura’s arrest, he pulled some strings and got released very quickly. After his release, Kimura goes out stalking the women of her family (which is “your job” in the game).

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Ultimately the goal is the get revenge by stalking and raping Aoi, Yukko (the mother) and yes Aoi’s little 10-year sister Manaka as well.

With that being said, I cannot condone both the premise of this game (and its developers), and the fans. The game right fully belongs in the list of banned video games as it is dirty, extremely disturbing, and overall terrible.

2. Carmageddon Series

During the late 90s and early 00s, vehicular combat games were boss. And so in 1997, Carmageddon saw the light of day. In this game, your objective is to win races and make as many kills as possible. Everything you do has an influence on your final score, so the best strategy was annihilating everything in your path.

What Countries is Carmageddon Banned in?

Argentina, Germany and the United Kingdom

Why is it Banned?

Carmaggedon is a bit of a throwback game (1997) because of the platforms it has been on such as Game Boy Color, Playstation, N64 and Mac OS but was developed later to be ported and played on mobile devices in late 2012.

Carmageddon Banned 1997 Release

Painting the roads red

This is another game that was banned in various countries for reasons such as high impact violence and vehicular combat.

The focus of the game is to race the courses while running over as many pedestrians as possible and eliminating other drivers while climbing the ranks. The game seemed to have promoted “road rage”, a common term us drivers face from time to time if not almost daily.

Also the portrayal of human beings was the biggest controversy about it. So later an edited version was made that turned our sweet humankind into zombies instead to make matters better.

1. Football Manager 2005

Football Manager is a game where you take control of an international team or a club. The main goal is to improve the team as much as possible and keep it at the top of its respective competitive world.

What Countries is Football Manager 2005 Banned in?


Why is it Banned?

FM 2005 was banned in China for recognizing Hong Kong, Tibet and Taipei as independent countries. Even getting your hands on a copy of this banned video game could cost you a little over $3,500 in fines. Yikes!

A random Turkish FM2005 Video lol

Football Manager is a game that hasn’t had much publicity or popularity to begin with as it was for PC’s and Mac’s. Also it’s a bit odd that this game is an internationally banned game. I personally believe the big issue why it’s banned should be forgiven because country independence is something that needs to be valued and respected.

FM 2005 is a single or multiplayer sports business simulation game focused on running international soccer teams. Sounds like a pretty legal deal right? Oh and let’s not forget there isn’t any violence, sex, or any foul language in the game whatsoever.

Football Manager 2005 banned game

Absolutely HORRIFIC what they’ve done in FM2005..

Remember – You can still play all of these games with a simple and quick-to-setup VPN!

Thank you gamers for the time you take to read this article! Hope you guys found the article as informational as I did. How do you feel about other banned games? Feel free to comment below.

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