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7.22d Dota 2 Patch

Immediately after the conclusion of the latest season of DPC, Valve released a new gameplay update – Dota 2 7.22d. It is mostly focused on balancing heroes and their abilities. The ninth annual edition of The International, the concluding tournament of the DPC, will be held in China from August 15-25.

It seems that these changes were made to balance the heroes before the event. Although based on community feedback and professional Dota players’ gameplay, there are pros and cons to this update. Some of these changes impact highly-used characters and could lead to players finding other alternatives and strategies.


One of the major changes in this update is Templar Assassin, who had a key role at the EPICENTER. Changes have been made to her refraction ability. This ability no longer grants bonus damage on attacking allied troops, making her less effective and preventing her from potentially dominating the lane. This could lead to change in early game strategies and how she is used.

Now for perhaps the biggest nerf of the patch. It targets Warlock’s Fatal Bonds ability. The cooldowns have massively increased for the early stages of Warlock, with an increase of up to 12 seconds on the first stage. Furthermore, the ability no longer bounces on Roshan.

Warlock Dota 2 7.22d

As if that wasn’t enough to weaken Warlock and reduce his usage, they decided that Fatal Bonds considers other units with Fatal Bond as a lower priority. This means that it will still jump to them, but only if no other units are in range.

Grimstroke has lately been widely used for his ability to cast Soulbind. It reduces the speed of the opponent if they aren’t bound to anyone, providing an advantage to capitalize on. The ability has been nerfed and now reduces speed by only 10% at all levels.

Another major nerf was to SVEN. He got a -2 reduction in base damage and nerfs to both his abilities. Storm Hammer has an increased cooldown, scaling at 19/17/15/13, while Warcry got shield health reduced down to 60/80/100/120.


Moving on to the buffs in this update. There haven’t been many but some of them could have a large impact, especially in competitive gaming.

Underlord received the biggest buff. The Radius of his Pit of Malice ability got increased. However, 10 units is so little that it’s barely noticeable. Also, there was a change from 12 hero damage for principle emanation to 7 additional perpetual damage.

Underlord Dota 2

It implies that he will get 15 additional damage for each foe murdered close to him, so it could be of much greater benefit in the late game. Movement speed is an important factor to rush and horde up the enemy, so the +5 increase could be useful. Similarly, the increased cast range can provide a slight advantage in the battle.

Although Riki had lost some base HP regen (3 to 1), he got HP regen added to Cloak and Dagger. His level 1 regen is the same, yet over the long haul, this might turn out to be a really enormous buff to Riki’s capacity to meander reliably.

Riki Dota 2

Bloodseeker also got buffed by increasing his base armor by 1.

The Best and the Worst Changes in the Dota 2 7.22d Update

Although fighting is done in real time against players in PvP games like Dota, it is often difficult to decide which changes are good and which are bad, as everyone might have different perspectives and strategies. To classify any change as the best or the worst, it is often required to look from a general POV.

The Best:

The buffs in this update have earned positive reactions, as always. In particular, Underlord receiving such an enormous buff could lead to many players switching to him; especially because of end-game fights where he gets the extra seven damage.

As the fade time of Cloak and Dagger has additionally been improved at all levels, it ought to be somewhat simpler to escape after endeavored ganks. With Bloodseeker’s base armor increased, he can go mid-lane where he has a higher win probability and it will be easier to dive in.

Other buffs like those of Zeus, Luna etc. aren’t that major. But, they do provide an additional boost that might turn the attention towards them and increase their usage rates.

The Worst:

Sven’s base damage and abilities have been nerfed. This could eventually lead to Sven not dominating the lane, even with support. If Sven fails to hit the target, it could give the opponent enough time to cause major damage.

Sven Dota 2 7.22 d

Since Grimstroke’s ability to reduce speed by casting Soulbind has been nerfed so that the speed only reduces by 10%, its usage will certainly decrease by a large margin.

Fatal Bonds on Roshan used to be a huge weapon during Rosh pit fights. Furthermore, double Fatal Bonds with Soulbind would mean a high chance of winning a team fight. But since the ability to bounce on Roshan and Soulbind are both nerfed, it could lead to players creating other strategies to use Warlock and Grimstroke.

IO’s Level 20 Talent was changed from Tether Grants Sceptre Bonus to +15 Armor. This change is perhaps the most controversial as it was the bane of some players and some preferred it. “They should reincorporate it as an Aghanim upgrade.”– A fan on reddit.

Grimstroke Dota 2 7.22d patch

There were other small nerfs and buffs, done to potentially restore balance in the game and prevent overuse of a single character, as well as allow players to create new strategies and to avoid one character being overpowered, which reduced the skills required to win these competitions.

The update was very large and holds significance, as fans speculate it to be the last update before The International. It will be interesting to see what new changes are done to the Meta by the Professionals to outclass their opponents.


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