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Dota 2 Auto-Chess baby.

The majority of gamers have started broadcasting Dota 2 Auto-Chess on their channels. At night, in the morning, during the whole day, you can see Twitch, Youtube, and many more streamers constantly playing this one game. Even on weekday mornings, the streamers don’t rest, they only play Dota 2 Auto Chess.

According to GameLook records, the number of Dota 2 Auto Chess players had gone beyond 300,000 since its release on January 27th. If you put it in a category as a standalone game, it would rank f-ing fourth on Steam! Incredible. As once DotA became enormously popular in the Warcraft III, so does the Dota 2 Auto Chess in the Dota 2. History repeats itself.

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You might ask, and I don’t judge you for it, why is this game so addictive? Well mi amigo, it is a gambling game, like no other. The simple addiction research will tell you it is categorized as “the near miss”. They will tell you that every failure can be blamed on luck and that you can indulge in the illusion of “the next will be better too.” And they are right my friend, even if you fail, this kind of feeling will make you want more.

Professional addict game just for you - Dota 2 Auto-Chess.Image credit: Drodo Studios

If you find yourself enjoying gambling arcade games and have a vigilant logical mind, you will adore this one. Perhaps you will even be deeply mesmerized in the unforeseeable beauty of Dota 2 Auto Chess. You’ll never know until you try it.


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