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The battle of Stockholm’s Major $1 million prize pool and the even more important 15,000 DPC points has just begun. The Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 11 Day 1 has brought us lots of excitement, great team fights and has fulfilled our expectations.

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DreamLeague Season 11 Group A Overview

In the Group A stages, the favorites of the tournament Team Secret, demolished their opponents Team Liquid, with no loss added to their reputation. In the first match, Team Secret stomped Team Liquid, finishing the game within only 24 minutes; with Nisha grabbing 6 kills early on, while YapzOr finishing it off with a 7 kill-streak ownage. The second game was also in the bag, thanks to YapzOr’s outstanding Puck performance.

DreamLeague Season 11 Group B Overview

For Group B scenario, the top spot was taken by PSG.LGD, losing only one match against Ninjas in Pyjamas. Although it seemed that LGD could’ve closed it on the first match, Ninjas in Pyjamas didn’t give in, showing their grip in the last team fight. After regaining momentum, LGD didn’t show mercy in the second game, leaving it to the third match with only Ame on Morphling and XM on Death Prophet contributing 25 kills, tearing Ninjas in Pyjamas apart, making it 2:1 for LGD.

Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 11 Day 1Image Credit: LGD Gaming

DreamLeague Season 11 Group C Overview

For the Group C qualification, Mineski bagged the first game thanks to AhJit’s immense Juggernaut plays, grabbing 18 kills throughout the game. Virtus.pro, then took its revenge in the next match, with No[o]ne infamous Invoker and Ramzes666 taking his favorite pick, Lone Druid. In the third game, it was obvious to see that Virtus.pro was not messing around, taking the short-lasting game within just 22 minutes.

invoker dota 2

DreamLeague Season 11 Group D Overview

After outperforming Vici Gaming, The Group D’s champions were Evil Geniuses. The first game was without a doubt smashed by EG. With Arteezy taking 10 kills on his Ursa, and Suma1L dominating with his main pick Mirana. In the second game, EG repeated their meta, picking 3 same core heroes from the last game, and finishing the job without a sweat.

It is certain to say that Team Secret is this Major’s favourites, but in my honest opinion, I believe EG will take the crown. What are your thoughts?

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