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Natus Vincere: Misha Subs For Sonneiko
Jovan Vinš    1 month ago
In their upcoming tournament events, Natus Vincere decided to bring in Misha as a substitute for their captain Sonneiko....
Why are The International 2019 tickets on a hold up?
Jovan Vinš    1 month ago
The distribution of The International 2019 tickets will begin a while later then Valve previously declared. One of the m...
Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages: Will Valve Take Precaution?
Jovan Vinš    1 month ago
After a couple of months of Drangoclaw Hook Scam Pages fraudery, Valve has finally decided to take real action into thei...
New Dota 2 Arcade Game: Play Dress-up With Your Heroes
Jovan Vinš    1 month ago
What is Dota 2 Play Dress-up? Dota 2 Play Dress-Up is a new Arcade Game in the Dota 2 world. With Dota 2’s vast it...
Dota 2 Auto-Chess: I am addicted
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
The majority of gamers have started broadcasting Dota 2 Auto-Chess on their channels. At night, in the morning, during t...
5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Throughout the decade, teams from all around the world have been competing for money, fame, and most importantly, to be ...
Dota 2 Players Experience DDoS attacks; Valve Is Taking Precaution
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
DDoS attacks can be common in other places but in Dota 2? Valve has recorded thousands of service (DDoS) attacks in the ...
Day 5 Dota 2 DreamLeague Major: J.Storm Advances Forward
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
As the DreamLeague Major is coming to an end, it has brought us yet another exciting elimination round of the lower brac...
Day 6 Dota 2 DreamLeague Major: Evil Geniuses Qualify for TI9!
Jovan Vinš    2 months ago
Before the game one started, NiP did what they’re best at. Picking Chen, Shadow Shaman, and Lycan in their draft, ...
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