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Just a few months ago, Dota 2 Auto Chess was introduced and generated a lot of attention. It indulges players in a battle against seven other online players and has reached about 90,000 concurrent players in the first hour. This is almost 20 percent of the total player base at the time.

However, things are not going as well as they hoped for the popular Dota 2 mod. This week Dota 2 Auto Chess suffered its first major reputation stain. Namely, the big issue is the sudden flood of cheaters.

dota 2 auto chess

With the third-party software they use for hacking the game, they can get unlimited gold, and even worse, take resources away from their opponents. Yikes! The Chinese developer Drodo Studio has some serious work on their hands.

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But the problem is actually worse – the Chinese developer cannot really do much to address this issue. Their moderators are naturally limited to how many people they can regulate and can’t implement anti-cheat systems. The only one who can do that is Valve, which we guess they will do as this game has more than 4.7 million subscribers.

Well, until this problem is taken care of, the only thing people can do about it is to report the cheaters. Or they can create custom lobbies, for that matter. There is one Discord server that does just this, named qihl. There, they add users (which they have thousands) based on their ranks and actively remove anyone caught cheating.

And of course, folks, don’t cheat! It beats the purpose of the game.

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