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Valve is finally taking precaution over the Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages.

After a couple of months of Drangoclaw Hook Scam Pages fraudery, Valve has finally decided to take real action into their own hands to fight off Steam’s most aggressive, and disgusting scams in the Dota 2 world.

On the official Steam Community page, Valve has announced that they are reworking the system policies regarding the Dota 2 Workshop. One of the main perks in the new system will be one more additional step in the email verification process.

The Steam Community has been hijacked by Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages for over a year.

Image courtesy: Valve – Steam

Now the first-time submissions in the Dota 2 Workshop, which scammers tend to use 95% of the time in their fraudery, will require email verification before the item can be listed publicly. This will help Valve to track down the filthy scammer, and execute the punishment he deserves.

How did it come to Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages fraudery?

The Dota 2 Workshop includes all items within the game, from the simple ward skin to the legendary announcer pack. When a new item is introduced to the Workshop, the primary function was to offer a pathway before it was added to the game. But just like any filthy scammer, they’ve figured out to how to avoid this pathway.

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Since this point, the scammers have overwhelmed the Dota 2 Workshop with dubious first-time submissions. By doing so, they offered „free items“, including the extremely rare Dragonclaw Hook. Players who didn’t see this through were at the mercy of scammer hijacking.

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More than a year, fake giveaways have been circling within the Dota 2 Workshop. Valve’s effort throughout the year was mostly ineffective. And this was due to the fact that they wanted to spare the more frequent Workshop welldoers. We can now see that it was inevitable. The welldoers will also have additional hassle so that the constant Dragonclaw Hook Scam Pages fraudery can finally be prevented.

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