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DreamHack Women CS:GO

DreamHack has announced that it will be hosting an all-female players tournament for CS:GO this July. The tournament will also include a $100,000 prize pool, in an attempt to promote professional CS:GO amongst female players. We will be taking a closer look at DreamHack, and I will share my personal opinion on the event.

How is DreamHack improving female players status in CS:GO?

The tournament was made possible due to the newly formed partnership with Esport-Management and gaming hardware brand ZOWIE. Such a broad-scale collaboration is designated to set an equal approach to female individuals, who seek a professional CS:GO career.

“We believe in an Esports ecosystem where every gamer can embark on a path to become a competitive gamer in a professional, supportive environment, and DreamHack Showdown is an opportunity to show this on multiple levels: to celebrate women currently in the gaming industry, inspire those who desire to participate, and – through our platform – equip them with the tools to become the next champions.”
As stated by Katherine Amoukhteh, VP of Global Marketing for Esport-Management.

CS:GO DreamHack Female Tournament

When I first heard of the news, it reminded me of the UEFA EqualGame, an idea where everyone should be given an even opportunity to participate in sports. Although females make a large portion of the gaming industry, there are a few who participate professionally. Due to Gaming being considered male-dominated, female players are pushed out as not competent. It is overwhelming to see that Esports are starting to implement the same policy as regular sports in solving this issue.

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Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO at the DreamHack AB has issued a statement concerning the intentions of the upcoming event.

“DreamHack Showdown is a step to help create inspirational moments for aspiring female Esports competitors worldwide. We aim to be the Esports and gaming festival where all groups feel welcome”.

When will DreamHack Showdown begin?

DreamHack Showdown will consist of eight teams during DreamHack Valencia held on July 47. However, two teams will be automatically invited to the event. Teams from Europe, North America, and Asia will have to play the qualifiers, with two slots reserved for every region. The qualifiers for the European and NA division will be hosted by Esport-Management and last from June 8 to June 9.

DreamHack 2019 CS:GO

When will ZOWIE DIVINA Tournament begin?

ZOWIE will also be providing additional playing opportunities for Asian players, as it will host ZOWIE DIVINA Women’s Asian CS:GO Championship in Shanghai, China. The competition will be held from June 20 to June 23, 2019.

DreamHack Showdown is not the first event dedicated to the female CS:GO community this year. Last March, we had the opportunity to spectate WESG World Finals Female and the Intel Challenge Katowice. I will be looking forward that more opportunities like this rise up in the future. For now, we should be grateful and supportive of every individual or group that strives to make Esports an equal place for all.

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