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It’s the last week of May and we are expecting the latest Dreamhack tournament. It’s the Dreamhack Masters Dallas in which most of the bigger teams of the world will participate. Teams like Liquid, Faze Clan, Ence and Team Vitality are all contesting and trying to win a chunk of the $250,000 prize money that’s on the table.

The group stage of this tournament will be played from 28th May to 30th May, in which the 16 teams participating will be divided into 2 groups of 8 in which the initial matches will be played in Bo1 format and all the following will be Bo3. 3 teams of each group will advance into the playoffs with the first placed teams going directly into the semi-finals and the second and third place playing into the quarter-finals.

Team Liquid CSGO

In group A which is the stronger of the two in Round 1 Liquid will face Lucid Dream the underdogs of the tournament, second match will be the derby between North and Team Vitality both in very good form recently. The third match goes with one of the Dreamhack Masters Dallas favorites, Faze Clan going head to head with the Bulgarian team Windigo that will be playing with a standin in the form of Calyx  and try to get a win against the heavy favorites. Third match is again a pretty easy prediction with NIP facing TYLOO with the second playing in a very poor form recently and the first bringing their A game in recent weeks.

The other group B will consist of so called lower quality, but the matches should be more interesting with every team being so close to each other and there are many chances for upset. First match in group B will be ENCE team being challenged by Isurus Gaming followed by a very interesting second match with the French powerhouse G2 who haven’t had much of a good form recently going against Renegades with the Australian team going with the favorite nametag but by a close margin which makes this one of the more competitive matches in Round 1 of the tournament.


Third match in this group will be NRG Esports facing against the rising Brazilian team FURIA led by VINI and trying to upset befor the final match of the big name organizations in the form of Cloud9 and Fnatic facing each other and trying to get on top.

Fnatic CSGO DreamHack masters dallas


All in all this makes one of the more interesting and competitive tournaments in recent months and I would gladly suggest for you to sit back and watch all the incredible stuff going on there.

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