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Dreamhack masters dallas winners

The Dreamhack Masters Dallas CSGO tournament as one of the bigger tournaments in this period definitely didn’t disappoint. With a lot of interesting games, clutch moments and fun stuff to watch and enjoy.

With the playoffs starting on Friday night we had a few nail biters with FURIA, the underdog of the tournament beating the French powerhouse Vitality and G2 losing to Faze Clan in a triple overtime second map Dust2, with KennyS and Guardian keeping everyone on the edge of their seats with fantastic performances one could only wish to see from two superstars like them.

kennys vs guardian dreamhack masters dallas csgo

In the semis FURIA after beating Vitality went on to face the favorites of the tournament in the form of Team Liquid, and Faze Clan went against the Finn team ENCE with the hope to beat them and move on to the finals. The first match was nothing more that proving ground for Team Liquid where they beat FURIA 2-0 in an easy match, and in the second match ENCE didn’t let Faze Clan breath also beating them 2-0 with another overtime on Dust2 where Faze Clan this time didn’t manage to come on top.

With everything finished, the last remaining match that was left to be played was the final. Team Liquid the home team, against ENCE the Finnish super team. With Team Liquid losing a lot of the finals they attended, and ENCE surprising a lot of favorite teams, this was expected to be a very interesting final with a lot of clutch moments.


However champions without much surprise became Team Liquid with a win against ENCE Team 2-1 and brought home a long expected trophy.

dreamhack dallas masters winner

Credit: DreamHack

With the DreamHack Masters Dallas CSGO tournament coming to an end, and a lot of nail biting matches we expect nothing less from the next tournament on our list “ECS Season 7 Finals” that will be played in London from 6th to 9th of June with every competing team fighting for a chunk of the $500,000 prize pool on the table.

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