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On Friday night, Drew University won the first Landmark Conference League of Legends championship. Defeating Juniata College 3-0, they captured the first place of the event. The final match was held at Elizabethtown College.

drew university lol championship

The university’s Esports team reached the finals after they won the battle against Catholic University 2-1.

This may be a relatively small event, but the winning team still needed speed, agility, and organization to win. In this best-of-five event, The Rangers (Drew University Esports team) won the first two intense games against The Eagles (Juniata College’s Esports team)  with each lasting almost 40 minutes.

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In the third game, both teams were particularly careful. However, The Rangers managed to outperform their foes by using patience and well-timed attacks. The Eagles’ philosophy was aggressive play, so really the only way to beat them is using adapted tactics and sticking to them. In the end, Juniata wasn’t able to pull a sufficient counterattack and eventually succumbed.

Juniata College

The team’s captain, Luke Henry said: “Everyone that plays this game dreams and wishes to be on a stage and play one day. And then to win? It’s surreal.”

He also added: “It’s good to come from not being a program to winning the first-ever Landmark Conference Esports Championship. We are beyond excited to now have a chance to compete in the play-in tournament, hosted by Riot Sports and represent Drew University and the Landmark Conference.”

Coming up is the national play-in League of Legends Collegiate Championship. Both of these teams will advance to the mentioned event.

The exact dates and match-ups are yet unknown but are said to be scheduled in April 2019.

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