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Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada. Canadian gamers will now be able to test their skills in a huge venue – the Durham College Esports arena will have 3,000 square feet and almost 50 top-notch PCs.

Durham College Esports arena

The gaming arena had the grand opening on Tuesday. Now, students not only have a place to rest and do what they love, but they can also practice for Esports events. The arena not only has a great de-stress functionality for students but is also an extremely useful place for those who want to build a career in Esports.

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Of course, the place is well equipped. The 3,000 square foot arena is a real treat offering space for more than 100 spectators. It has 50 computers with high-end components, so students can play any current game they can think of. Basically, it has anything a professional player will need to advance their skills.

Michael Cameron, a professor at the college said: “We’ve really upped the game with this arena. This means we can tie this center into a lot of programs, including broadcast journalism and computers.”

Priscilla Mak, a marketing student said: “There’s a lot of different types of games — shooters and games like League of Legends and Counterstrike. This is a great place to hang out, play games, meet people. I just think it’s a great community.” 

Mak proceeded to explain that having games at their fingerprints gives players an immediate chance to test themselves out at all games, at all times. This also brings a great chance for people to socialize, form teams and practice coordinated.

As of nowadays, it’s a completely viable and legit path to become an Esports player. The more colleges implement this kind of things, the better. Many of them are implementing Esports programs, just like this one.

Naturally, the Durham College Esports arena comes in very handy for the college’s Counter-Strike team captain. Christian Lavender said: “We play all teams across North America for team Counterstrike. I’m a varsity member as any other soccer or football player would be.”

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