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Another year, another EGR awards ceremony taking place. This time around, the venue was set to be the Grosvenor House in London. During the EGR ceremony, it was announced that Pinnacle had won the award for the best eSports operator the year 2018. Yet again, Pinnacle sits at the throne of eSports operators, and quite deservingly, if I may add. Pinnacle has been pushing the entire eSports industry forward for quite some time now. Among all eSports betting websites, it’s safe to say Pinnacle has had several outstanding years behind it.

esports operator of the year 2018

With an innovative approach to eSports markets, low-profit margins and a good variety of eSports betting options to choose from, it is no surprise Pinnacle takes the crown as the best esports operator of the year 2018. So, with all given info taken into consideration, let’s why exactly is Pinnacle dominating the eSports betting market for a couple of years in a row already…

Pinnacle Keeps on Dominating

First of all, let’s agree on this statement – Pinnacle is the dominant force in the eSports betting industry. While many of you may argue that there are better, eSports-specific operators, realistically speaking none of them aren’t even remotely close to Pinnacle. In fact, there are several key aspects of Pinnacle’s dominance. Better yet, why don’t we take a closer look at them. Perhaps they’ll help you better understand my point of view here.

High Betting Odds

Like I mentioned in the introductory section, Pinnacle has extremely low-profit margins on eSports bets. This ensures they have an edge over their direct competitors as far as betting odds are concerned. Most of the time, you will see Pinnacle’s betting odds on eSports matches are equal to or higher than your average eSports bookie. Don’t go around thinking it’s a convenience – Pinnacle is the best for a reason… and that’s exactly why it got crowned as the best eSports operator of the year 2018.

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Fluid Navigation

Fluid website navigation might not seem important to tech-savvy users. However, it sure as hell is for people who aren’t used to computers and web browsing. Worry not though, Pinnacle has thought of everyone! If you’re looking for a simple-to-use eSports bookies, look no further! Pinnacle has you covered. Their menus, pages and betting markets are as fluid as they can be. The registration process is simple too, and so are the deposit/withdrawal systems.

Plenty of eSports Markets

If there is one thing Pinnacle really excels at, it’s the sheer abundance of eSports markets. Perhaps it doesn’t have as many available eSports titles as, for example, ArcaneBet, but Pinnacle still manages to catch all noteworthy tournaments of the big 3. League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2 – if there’s some fuss about a tournament in one of these games, you can bet Pinnacle is going to cover it betting-wise. Lately, they’ve been adding more special bets to their tallies too. It will be interesting to see how much depth they’ll end up covering in terms of eSports specials!

If Pinnacle seems like a great eSports bookmaker to you, feel free to check our in-depth Pinnacle eSports Betting Review!


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