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esports fails 2019

The Esports industry is one that has seen some very awesome game plays and impressive tournament performances and setups but it has also been the home of embarrassing and somewhat humorous mistake ranging from pro players getting totally pwned by opponents or flops from interviews or even the whole tournament setup going absolutely wrong. Esports fails 2019 are quite hilarious and you get to see the epic Esport fails in this year so far as the list is only going to get longer as the year goes on. So here are the Esports fails 2019;

The LOL Midseason invitation finals of 2019 which G2esports came out as winners definitely saw some esport fails 2019 when the interviewer asked Phong vo buffalo players about the intense tiebreaker ahead and a buffalo’s player who operates the jungler role, Meliodas looked quite confused as he could barely say anything, this was not a good site at all. Also, a very humiliating moment at the MSI 2019 was when phong vo buffalo mid laner, Naul completely missed every skill he wanted to do and was slain by invictus gaming’s rookie, absolute scenes there!

The  CS: GO 2019 Katowice Major also produce some Esports fails 2019 when NRG esport’s Vincent Brehze went in for the kill and he somehow ended up killing himself. Then also from the 2019 Katowice major when G2 Esports were trying to catch Avangar unaware but ended taking huge damage by walking straight into a fire and Avangar wiped them clean…..not so much gain in that tactics.

Another Esports fails 2019 moment in the CS:GO Katowice was during interviews when the interview called a player a completely different name, and also when an interviewer asked a polish player if he was looking forward to getting a graffiti, he was so confused stating that his English was poor, he was then asked to speak in polish since it was after all his home crowd and all of a sudden man responds in English….a very funny scene and situation to witness indeed.

The Intel Masters Final (IEM) in Sydney for CS: GO also saw came with some of the best Esports fails 2019 in the game of Fnatic v hound gaming where Fnatic were leading 15 to 0 and hound managed to pull one back and they celebrated like they had won the masters finals itself.

Also at the IEM Sydney 2019 when an audience member(Harry) used his ESL interview to propose to his girlfriend (Ariana) live, when he knelt to down to propose, a good portion of his hairy butt was showing. A very romantic moment for the couple but will still go down in Esports history as that awkward moment. The IEM Sydney 2019 also saw a very humiliating moment for Bad fallen who literally had to jump off the building in vertigo on a 1 v 5 situation, as the last man standing in his team and heavily cornered, he ran out of options.

Lastly, in addition to the Esports fails 2019 the game between SK gaming and Grayhound when SK Gaming ran out of ammo and things went downhill from there for SK.


So there you have it, all the juiciest Esports fails 2019, with the year only just beginning there is certainly funnier and embarrassing moments to see, so stick around for more!

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