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Epicenter Major Moscow 2019

The Epicenter Major will be the last ‘pass’ for qualifications for The International 2019. We are also familiar with Dota Pro Circuit, as one of the momentous tournaments organized every year by Epic Esports Events. Consequently, the tournament took place in Moscow, from 15th to 19th May. Fans have witnessed for the fifth time some amazing matches and remarkable teams during the trial. Now, all we need to do is sit back, relax and wait for the Finals to begin.

What to expect from the Epicenter Major?

Sixteen teams will line up for Major in Moscow; as it’s the case in previous years. The realization of this event will be from 22th to 30th June 2019.

The struggle for qualification was certainly sensational. As the tournament was getting closer to the finish line, 14 of the 16 teams ‘bought’ their place in the Epicenter Major. Thereby, teams who have passed had earned a direct invitation to a spectacular tournament- The International 2019.

The contest will claim a 1,000,000 dollar prize pool together with 350,000 dollars that go to the winning team. Besides the cash prize, professional teams will receive 15,000 DPC points. Essentially, 4,950 points will go with the winning team, 3,000 points for second place and third spot with 2,100 points.

What is unique about this participation is that teams who fail to qualify will get a second chance. In this case, it’s possible to gain two available spots at the StarLadder Ukraine Minor from 10th to 16th June. It will be a great opportunity to achieve another shot for TI 2019.

The group stage results will determine teams upper and lower status. Together with Double Elimination playoff system.

epicenter major dota 2 2018-19 banner

The CSKA Arena will be the location of the tournament.  Coupled with 360°-view stage design, fans will get a preferred viewing angle. For the history of Epicenter tournaments, this will be something completely different and fresh for visitors.

Tickets and passes for the tournament’s final stage are already available for interested fans. They are purchasable on epicenter.gg website with a starting price of 490 rubles for a single-day ticket. As always, there are bonuses and gifts prepared for owners of three-day tickets.

Dota 2 Epicenter Major Trophy

Which Teams are in Epicenter Major?

The International still holds the title of the most important event on the Major Championship Circuit. Organized regularly by Value once a year, it has become a prestigious competition.

Despite first TI being invitational type, in 2012 the concept changed by inserting the qualification phase. In other words, one decreased and other increased. Considering qualifications have become a condition for entry, professional teams are getting ready with a great deal of dedication. Qualified at Epicenter Major means qualified for The International.

Teams  that managed to qualify in Europe are:

  • Team Secret
  • Team Liquid
  • OG

Teams  that managed to qualify in the CIS are:

  • Gambit Esports
  • Virtus.pro

Teams  that managed to qualify in China are:

  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Vici Gaming

Teams  that managed to qualify in Southeast Asia are:

  • TNC Predator
  • Fnatic

Teams  that managed to qualify in North America are:

  • Forward Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses

Teams  that managed to qualify in South America are:

  • paiN Gaming
  • Infamous
Team Secret celebrating TI9 qualification

Photo credits: MDL

Last week’s struggle for victory was full of dynamism and uncertainty. Therefore, teams showed willingness and desire to reach the top in order to ensure themselves a spot at the TI9. The Majors winners are Virtus.pro, Team Secret and Vici Gaming so far. Also with the importance of mentioning the success of Evil Geniuses. Which teams will manage to the final of the Epicenter Major? Unpredictable situations can only lead us to wait for an answer.

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