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We saw some serious numbers when we’re talking about the IEM Katowice views. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major tournament recorded a staggering 7.4 million hours of watching during the weekend.

An average of around 70 thousand concurrent viewers was recorded for all coverage, including the reruns. In total, the peak was more than half a million people, ~558,000.

IEM katowice views

On Thursday, February 28, the live coverage began and started the viewer numbers bull run. In the very first day, 210,000 people were recorded watching. On March 1, the next day, around 190k people tuned in. Saturday brought an average of 267k people with a peak of 440k before the Grand Finals naturally attracted the largest audience. On that day, it drew a peak larger than half a million of 558k IEM Katowice views.

This tournament proved to be fantastic for the game’s ranking on Twitch. The combo of the ESL’s main broadcast and other foreign language alternatives helped the game rack up around 13.4 million hours watched on the site.

The hours watched figure is also very important. There’s no doubt someone watched for five minutes before leaving, so here are the hours for CS: GO in total:

  • Thursday, February 28. – 1.7 million hours
  • Friday, March 1. – 1.55 million hours
  • Saturday, March 2. – 2.3 million hours
  • Sunday, March 3. – 190 thousand hours
  • Monday, March 4. – 1.65 million hours

This was the first CS: GO Major event for ESL since 2016. In 2018, the first Major was covered by ELEAGUETV and racked 13.16 million hours of watch time. It was called ELEAGUE Major, held in Boston and was the first Major to be won by the North American team Cloud9.

With the numbers as high as this, the events boosted the game on Twitch to the very top, lasting from January 25. to January 29. In total, CS: GO had 19.3 million hours in that period. During that, the second most-watched game was League of Legends with 13.9 million hours watched.

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