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NFL Madden 19

Recently upon turning on my very own PS4 console, I was randomly notified about the ESL Madden 19 Cup Tournaments. This invitation was absolutely appreciated, yes I became very excited as NFL Madden is very close to my gamer’s heart. Without any hesitation, immediately I went onto ESL to register.

Visually grasping the various games ESL offers online competition with, also with the notion that ESL welcomes gamers globally raised more excitement. Open spots for the North American, German and European Cups made me feel as if I needed to bring my A+ game. Unfortunately, I thought I would be able to compete globally in Madden 19 which was the second thing that got me excited. Honestly, I was a bit let down in this aspect because I was hoping to see how clever foreign Madden players would be against some of us seasoned Madden Heads here in the states.

ESL Madden 19 cup

Credit: ESL Madden

Wondered even with American Football, would there be a foreign approach, bandwagon fans of high rated or popular franchise or game plan with a foreign opponent or simply not….but we understand with time differences and other factors these globally set up matches can be quite difficult to connect with a foreign opponent.

The ESL Madden 19 cup setup of matches are pretty standard and easy to follow like any other site such as GamerSaloon. I prayed for ESL to be more like VirginGaming.com with the option to place wagers or even play for tournament cash prizes. With ESL, no sign of e-betting was present. Each cup tournament you register for allows 4 losses before you are disqualified from competition. As many people that registered for these tournaments, its sad most opponents don’t show up for their scheduled times. The competition is pretty low to average and they will most likely concede if you’re up 14 points and while they’re scoreless, chances are they will concede.

Meaning you don’t really get better if you are a decent player Madden player looking to become better through ESL. Lastly, there aren’t any “real” prizes for your time competing. I think we prefer some digital funds to build up in a gaming account or some redeemable codes to use at a later date, just something worth the fun and effort. Badges through competition is….pretty much what you have for bragging rights or clout.


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