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ESL Pro league cSGO

ESL Pro League is one of the largest and longest running professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. Such tournaments create opportunities for professional players to nurture their talent and display it on a world stage.

48 teams (16 from the Americas, 16 from Europe, and 16 from Asia-Pacific) of skilled and highly capable players compete in this tournament and try to prove themselves worthy of the massive prize pool. You can’t entirely guarantee who would win, because the match could change course in a matter of seconds and you might get unexpected winners.

The regular season is played in three separate regions: Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Each of them will be divided into four groups of four teams with seeding based on the ESL World Ranking. The move to a system of smaller groups helps us to make every match more exciting and more relevant towards the season finals. It requires all teams to live up to their full potential in every game of the season.

There are two rounds of group stages, and the third round contains the quarter and semi-finals. In the finals, two teams of four face off in a nail-biting competition of a 5 match series.

In April this year, the ninth annual season of ESL Pro League began. The 48 best teams battled to take home the prize. Like every year, the competition began out slow. However, it gained aggression and intensified over time, with some profound and vehement battles.


Round 1:

esl pro league 2019 round 1 results

Round 2:

esl round 2 results
Round 3:

esl round 3

esl pro league results

Yup, you heard it right. Your very own Team Liquid has managed to snatch away the prize. By taking the cup, they took the crown in the ninth annual ESL Pro League.

team liquid esl pro league

The tournament was such a blast. Hundreds upon thousands of viewers tuned in both online and physically to watch the best of the best go head-to-head in some of the fiercest CS: GO battles. Players came up with some of the wildest strategies and outclassed their opponents with some of the dirtiest plays. Solo players carried entire teams. That and much more happened in this fun-filled competition. Ohh God! I can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!

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