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ESL Pro League CSGO

With the first stage of the ESL Pro League finished and 8 teams going to the Finals, in the second stage 6 more teams will go on an compete for the Season 9 trophy.

In group A teams like Fnatic and HellRaisers from Europe and MIBR winning over the Renegades squad in the Americas region qualified, which leaves only 3 more spots for the teams from group B. For the last 3 spots the teams that compete are the likes of BIG, Heroic, Natus Vincere and North in the European region.

While in the American region Cloud 9 will try to get on top of teams like eUnited, Ghost and Infinity.

This stage will last 3 days with the first matches starting out tonight with Natus Vincere facing off against North with simple on the spotlight trying to get his team to the finals after the disappointment of the first round when they went down to G2 2-1 in the bo3. And after that team BIG will go against the Heroic team which recently changed their main AWPer mertz with the young gun NaToSaphiX.

natosaphix csgo

In the Americas meanwhile the first match will be the derby between eUnited and Cloud 9 trying to get to the finals while Ghost gaming has the easier job against the not so known Infinity team. Ghost gaming might be more ready to play and win this group with them having played last weekend in the Dreamhack Tours, even tho falling out early and playing without one of the more experienced members of the team they showed good playing style and the likes of Neptune and WARDELL showed some glimpses of brilliance.

First matches of ESL Pro League Stage Two Group B start at 18:00 CET and will go on until 6:00 CET the next morning with all matches being Bo3, with the winners of the group going to Montpellier, France on June 18-23 and competing for the piece of the $750,000 on the line.

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