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Many people are becoming increasingly interested in Esports betting. As the industry itself grows, Esports betting follows up. Whether you are a casual bettor who does it for fun or want to get serious about it, it’s good to know some tips that will give you an edge over others. So, with that in mind, we’re delivering some Esports betting tips! You could check this site out, for example – they will give you £30 in free betting if you bet £10.

The Budget

To start off, you will need to know how much money you are willing to put aside for this. You need to set yourself a budget which you will stick to. Esports betting, just like any other betting, involves risk. Losing is all part of the game, and setting a budget will help you not go broke. Because, in betting, for someone to win, someone else has to lose.

So, set a budget you can afford to lose, and even if you do from time to time, it’s not a problem. It should be time-bound – weekly, monthly, daily, however you want to play and can afford.

Esports betting tips


With just about anything in life, you can’t bet blindly and randomly. It is important to research and gain an understanding of what you’re doing. Esports scene is changing very fast and being constantly in touch is important for your wallet. Make sure you understand what you are betting on, that you know the playing teams, that you know their strategies… One team’s strategy can be extremely useful and effective against the strategy of another team. But, it can be completely useless against third tactics of the third team. Signature attacks, defenses, team’s history. If you want to be successful, know your teams well!

You can also start playing the game and studying it too. The more you know about your betting subject, the more likely you are to make good betting decisions. Always search for more Esports betting tips!

Keep track of your betting performance!

Betting can suck you in and if you don’t know when you won or lost, you won’t know how you’re standing financially. Whatever you do, keep your success rate at check! Logically, you probably want to ultimately profit from Esports betting. Tracking your results enables you to know exactly when and how much money did you win or lose, and whether you are in a surplus or a deficit.

It would be also good to keep the tracked results divided by players and teams. That way, you know exactly what happened when, and how to continue. You can see where you achieved above average results, and what are your weak spots. If you are underperforming in some fields, it would be a good idea to either learn more about it or resign from betting there.

Esports betting tips

So, let’s wrap this up. We give these Esports betting tips with good intentions, but it is still a risky activity. To achieve success, you need discipline, dedication, and patience. If you want to be good in this regularly, and not rely on pure luck, you need to develop some skills.

Of course, if you want to be a casual bettor only, you don’t need to dedicate yourself so much. It is still desirable to know what you’re doing because winning is always more fun!


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