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Esports cringe compilation

Esports are growing into a global phenomenon. Video Games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, LoL and Overwatch have transformed the way people see professional players. After all, they attract thousands of viewers to their Esports title. However, this does not help prevent the amount of awkward encounters and cringe within the global phenomenon. To share the experiences a variety of players have had, we’ve put together an Esports cringe compilation. This compilation puts together various moments in Esports that might cause you to cringe, particularly those from interviews.

10 Esports Cringe Compilation Moments

10. CLG PTR Left Hanging During Esports Interview

Two players from Counter Logic Gaming, an American Professional Esports team, are giving an interview. As soon as the interview begins, the player extends his hand to the reporter but his hand is not shaken, as the reporter sees it but continues with the interview. You can see the embarrassing moment for yourself.


9. Cosplay Interview at Gamescon 2012

During Gamescon 2012, the winner of the Cosplay contest was asked to answer questions on stage. Before this, they asked him if he needed a translator, to which he obviously said no. Coming on stage, he proceeded to say the phrase “I’m French” to the reporter as he was not fluent in English.


8. Seagull’s Cringy Interview at Overwatch Open

At an Overwatch Open, Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned had an awkward end to his interview. Despite being a top-notch player in the Esports scene, Seagull took an L this time. He leaned in for a fast handshake as the reporter moved his hand away, creating a moment of uncontrollable laughter. The commentators even discussed it, jokingly asking if they could analyze the handshake instead of the response given by Seagull.


7. Trouble Opening A Champagne Bottle

Yun ‘TaeJa’ Young Seo, a retired professional Starcraft II player, is standing on stage for his winning ceremony. While he is known as a decorated player within the Esports title, TaeJa is no stranger to cringy Esports moments. TaeJa and the announcer attempt to open a champagne bottle.

The hilarious part comes after the two fail to do it, live on stream. What’s more, TaeJa experienced the same incident the following year.


6. Freddy ‘KRiMZ’ Johansson and His Understanding of Handshakes

During another cringy Esports interview, Freddy ‘KRiMZ’ Johansson fails to shake the reporter’s hand as he hands him the microphone back. Despite being considered a top player, KRiMZ does not appear to recognize the simple handshake gesture the reporter has made. Things get ridiculously funny as the handshake becomes complicated as attempts are made to finish it.


5. The Loudest “Are you Ready”

This cringe moment happened during the game between Team Immunity and Virtus.Pro at Counterpit Season Two. The announcer hosting the match between the two teams let out a sound of pure hype. We will always remember this match due to the announcer’s long, loud “Are you Ready”.


4. Cringy Esports Heroes of Newerth Grand Finals Introduction 

The introduction of the contestants for the Heroes of Newerth Grand Finals is heavily laughable. Although the setting makes the entire area look like a dark room, the introduction is ridiculous. It features no music, darkness, and no cheering from the fans. Even the players have no feelings of hype to go with them being in a Grand Final.


3. The Awkward Esports Interview Cringe at LOL Worlds 2017 with iBoy

At the League of Legends World Championships 2017, iBoy gave a cringy interview. When the reporter tries to ask him a certain question regarding his experience at Worlds, iBoy proceeds to hold the microphone in the weirdest way ever seen.


2. IdrA’s Misunderstanding of an Action

Greg ‘IdrA’ Fields, former professional Starcraft II and Brood War player, had a hilariously cringy moment.


In particular, he misunderstood the intention of the player next to him as a high five. In reality, the player was telling a story and did not intend to high five IdrA.


1. The Promotion Video That Was Taken Down

To conclude this Esports cringe compilation, we have this little gem. To announce their professional CS:GO Roster, Team Fnatic released a promo video. It was supposed to hype their fans about the roster pickup. Instead, the promo video was the subject of so much ridicule for it’s numerous cringy moments that they took it down later.


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