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There have been a lot of arguments as to whether Esports should be counted among the list of normal sports. If so, the discussion evolves into one that asks whether or not it should be an Olympic sports. The Esports industry is certainly one that has grown tremendously to become a billion-dollar empire. However, it has struggled in terms of being accepted as a traditional sport. The reason for this is not far fetched. There are a lot of stereotypical assumptions that come along with people playing video games. Most people used to see it as a fun or relaxing exercise. So with all this taken into account, can Esports Olympics integration even be possible?

Esports Olympics Integration – Dream or Reality?

In the coming years, we might see Esports Olympics integration become reality. Up until this point, it has been a dream; a far fetched one at that. But no more! What has changed?

The stereotypical assumptions are gradually being squashed with knowledge of how much mental and physical energy pro gamers put in preparing for major tournaments and events. The journey to get Esports fully integrated as an Olympic sports is not too far off. Intel has been in the business of pushing Esports into the path of the Olympics for a while now. And finally this year, it happened.

Intel announced recently that it will host an Esports tournament in Tokyo during the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics. Gamers are set to compete in Rocket League and Street Fighter V for a prize pool of $250k per game. The event will begin with online qualifiers at the beginning of 2020 then a live qualifier event in Poland in June.

The final championship tournament will be held on June 22-24th in Tokyo. Just like in the Olympics, players will be representing their countries. While this may not be the full Olympic experience for the gamers who will eventually qualify, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the future of the Esports Olympics integration. But we’d love to see Esports taken to the next level.

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