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According to the statistics, global Esports revenue is set to hit 1 billion dollars in 2019. This statistic was brought by Newzoo, and is a big 27% rise compared only to last year. Large numbers of increased revenues from advertising, sponsorship, and media rights are credited for this increase.

What will bring the most are brand investments – they will make up 82% of total Esports revenue. Brand support has tripled since 2015, indicating a dizzying expansion of this industry.

Esports is selling out entire arenas nowadays, having its own celebrities, leagues, and tournaments. Award money is larger than in most regular sports, with many people getting rich by playing video games professionally.

Newzoo is a gaming industry analytics firm. Their CEO, Peter Warman said: “This is not experimental budgets. This is for the long term, and it’s good amounts of money. It’s what the ecosystem needed and what investors wanted to see.”

By regions, North America will generate the majority of these Esports revenues, standing at 409 million dollars. China is second at 19%, and South Korea (where the whole Esports scene started) will generate 6%. The rest of the world combines the remaining 38%.

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Esports revenue

By 2021, it is expected to rise to a staggering 1.65 billion dollars.

The audience, which is already huge, is expected to rise by 15% to 454 million people. This is not far off from the entire population of North America!

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