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eSports Streaming

The short answer is yes; Esports streaming can make you rich! But it’s a lot more complicated than that. We’ll get into the gist of it later.

When we talk about eSports, we mainly think of professional gamers playing a game that puts them against each other for money and fame. Of course, these aren’t the only reasons, but they’re the most noticeable. How often do you see forum titles or articles have a headline that reads: “Faker most beloved mid in the LoL community” or “Taipei Assassins have won Worlds and the grand prize of $$$”? Pretty often, right?

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Besides, these players are out to show the world that they’re the best at what they do, which bears prizes as well (not to mention the global recognition and immortality in the hall of fame!). On top of that, it’s relatively easy for them to get sponsors and coverage which brings even more popularity in as well as finances.


However, this isn’t the only way you can make money through games. Sure, you might not be as famous as them (although if you’re lucky enough and good enough, you might!), but you’ll still be able to live comfortably. In this case, I’m talking about eSports streaming. This form of income has surfaced a bit back in the past, somewhere around the time when Twitch first appeared. Live streaming wasn’t really a thing during the Youtube era (in which it was the only viable video-playing website).

Some of you might remember 2011/2012 when LoL and DotA professionals (Shushei for example) started streaming their playtime in a game of their choice. They’d usually go into ranked games and technically train for tournaments, which brought a bit more cash into their bank account.

Is Esports Streaming Viable as a Source of Income?

eSports Streaming - Twitch Logo

‘Twitch accounts for more than 43% of all live video-streaming traffic by volume.’ via Business Insider

Whether you choose Twitch or Youtube as your platform for Esports streaming, there’s the possibility of becoming popular and successful. The process takes time but thanks to the endless source of information, anyone can learn.

Nowadays, we have access to almost everything. The Internet is probably one of the best things (and maybe even the worst) to happen to humanity. Whatever you want to find out – it’s there! Want to work remotely from the comfort of your home? Sure thing! Or maybe you want to relax, listen to music, and play a casual video game or two. The choices are endless!

This also opens up a variety of other ways to make money. Including eSports streaming. And we can’t forget about eSports playing (although this applies only if you aspire to become a professional gamer).

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Now, streaming while gaming isn’t anything new, but it’s finally a ‘relatively simple’ way of earning a living (and by simple I mean very complicated). What I want to say is, anyone can do it – all you need is some luck, lots of dedication, and an interesting approach. People won’t watch you if don’t bring anything fresh to the table.

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Twitch esports streaming

Image Source: Twitch.tv

So how does it work? You need to know that eSports streamers, although famous, usually don’t get the most of their income from followers. Sure, there’s a donation here and there (there are exceptions to this as always), but it’s generally down to the sponsors. If you get noticed and a sponsor thinks you’re going to be a good representative of their brand – you might be set, at least for the time being.

If you’re smart, you’ll continue improving and bringing new things into play until you’ve made a name for yourself. And considering how broad the use of the Internet is, it shouldn’t take too long to make it (note: results may vary!).

Oh, you can also try your hand at eSports betting (which might not be a solid form of income but can get the job done if you love eSports like crazy eh!)

Can I Do it?

On average, 2 billion minutes of content was watched per month on Twitch's website in 2013

Stats courtesy Twitch

Sure you can! What you’ll need is a great headset, a pretty strong computer, knowledge of English (which I guess isn’t too hard), a sense of humor (or lack thereof, if that’s the type of person you want to be), a good voice, amazing screenplay, and skills…

I’m joking but not really. You do need a lot of things if you want to succeed in this line of work, but it’s not impossible. Remember: Most of your favorite streamers started from scratch. It takes a lot of effort and it isn’t as easy as it might seem. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Get yourself a video recording app and figure out how to stream properly so everyone gets high quality video. See how long it’ll take you!

Again, some people achieve success pretty quickly, but this is the exception; not the norm. If you manage to get in contact with an eSports organization that has a job opening – you might want to take it. I mean, why not! We covered this in the following article.

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Final Words

The answer to the question in the headline is yes, eSports streaming works. Although, as mentioned before, it takes a lot of stuff. I’ve always had respect for these people; I mean, they basically have to play a game for a long time just to gain a following. Games, although very fun at times, usually get boring after a while.
Imagine playing a single game for days on end, even months. But, some find it fun! This is the whole point of it – it’s a gamble but it can pay off big time!


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