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Let’s start off by stating that video games are insanely popular. It’s a fact and, quite honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to realize it. However, a recent survey proved that video games might even be more popular than we all think. Sure, Millennials are absolutely crazy about them… but it seems as though older folk love them too. A recent Plusnet survey consisting of 1,000 football and gaming fans concluded 7 in 10 examined prefer playing football video games instead of playing the actual sport. It’s true, the process of eSports taking over regular sports has started and the situation is unfolding in front of our very own eyes!

eSports fans at a tournament

Stat Courtesy statista.com

A new age…

The process of eSports taking over regular sports reflects a new age in our modern society. A transformation of the world’s most important to un-important thing. It’s not going to be football for too long now… it’s going to be eSports!

But why are people starting to take up FIFA on their PS4’s over a good old clash on the local turf? Well, for one, younger generations nowadays are much better at video games than they are at actual sports. It’s a fact! There are fewer and fewer children taking up real sports as hobbies. Instead, they’re turning to video games at a very young age. But is this becoming somewhat of a problem?

If you ask me, it’s not. I mean, video games are a great stress relief mechanism… and they can bring our little ones a world of good. However, I won’t get into the topic of gaming being a potential worldwide problem. There’s an entire section dedicated to that right below this. For now, let’s concentrate on how eSports taking over regular sports is the beginning of a new age…

 “Perception is everything…” Alex Lim, secretary-general at the International eSports Federation once said. And he’s correct – people nowadays have the perception that football is in a steady decline. Sure, the biggest manifestations such as the recently finished World Cup are still a worldwide phenomenon… but with all that new influx of money (oil money, to be more precise), it’s safe to say football isn’t what it used to be. Everything revolves around money with super teams rising up in a matter of 1 or 2 transfer windows.

esports vs american football

Image Courtesy: Funky Media Inc.

On the other hand, eSports is still considered an innocent industry with no big scandals tied to its name. it probably won’t stay like this forever, but eSports still has that charm to its name. Furthermore, there’s no big money involved in the eSports industry just yet. Sure, professional athletes play eSports for money, there is no denying that. In fact, they are paid good money too… But it’s still nothing compared to what Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and the Co. make playing real football. Transfers are another important thing in the topic as I already mentioned above. Football is becoming a playing ground for Sheiks and other very powerful and absurdly rich people which is, quite frankly, ruining all the fun for the true fans. eSports taking over regular sports seems much more likely solely by looking at this issue. Why? Well, eSports hasn’t been spoiled with oil money… and hopefully, it will stay this way for years and years to come!

Combine all that with a plethora of young adults who grew up on video games and you’ll understand that a new age really is just waiting to happen!

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Is this a worldwide problem?

WHO LogoThis all leads to another profound question – Is gaming good for our youth? In other words, could gaming evolve into a worldwide problem? Well, according to the World Health Organization, it already is. On June 18th, WHO (World Health Organization) classified gaming disorder as a mental illness. The definition of the disease goes something like this – “…a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior…”.

But, many people will argue that this is a harsh decision by the World Health Organization. Quite frankly, even though I’m a true passionate gamer and all that good stuff, I still believe excessive gaming can be a problem. It can tear up relationships, friendships and, heck, even families. Keep in mind though, we’re talking about excessive gaming here… Like 10+ hours per day, 7 days of the week. Just look at what Fortnite did – little children (I’m patronizing here but, compared to my age, they really are little children) from all over the world were actually addicted to it.

Is gaming really a mental illness?

This leads us to the following conclusion – excessive gaming, just like virtually any other excessive behavior, can be considered a mental illness. In fact, excessive gaming shares a lot of same traits with other addictive compulsions including alcoholism, drugs and even gambling. So, if you think someone you know might be suffering from gaming disorder (the official name of the mental illness we’re talking about here), try and talk to them and work together on making him/her find other hobbies.

Don’t think I’m trying to sadden you here. Gamers with gaming disorder are still just a tiny little fraction of the population. You can still play video games for several hours every day. The key is in managing your social life, schoolwork, and sleep. You can never get enough sleep! In fact, we as gamers should think of eSports taking over regular sport as one of the best things that are happening in our lifetime…

No signs of stopping…

And best of all, it seems as though there’s no stopping eSports taking over regular sports. As we go by, video games will just continue growing in popularity. Especially after the so-called “millennials’ baby boom” and with the rapid growth in mobile video game industry. Our society is heading into an even better environment for eSports to continue developing in. With it, the eSports betting industry will continue to flourish as well, but I guess that’s a story for another occasion.


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Hung Ye
3 years ago

Let’s say eSports can overtake the regular sports we have right now, Remember not all of the eSports games has been contributed to became more popular the eSports. But don’t forget what game had lots of contribution here in eSports. I don’t know why DOTA 2 did not win as the best eSports games this 2018 SMH.

3 years ago

I’,m glad to say that this will gonna happen sooner or later, There’s a big future on eSports. As an gamer, I must say that I really enjoy playing eSports games than our regular sports.

3 years ago

There’s a lot of people still don’t understand why esports has a huge future in this world. I don’t know if they really hate the esports or they can’t see the gem inside the esports industry. Sad people nowadays.