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So just how big is this new thing we now all know as Esports? It is currently one of the fastest expanding trends nowadays. One League of Legends tournament alone was able to rack up staggering 100 million viewers! Esports betting became a prominent industry, too, with viewer numbers ranking as high as for Super Bowls.

Esports betting

What is Esports and how did it start?

Electronic Sports, or as we know it, Esports, started its life in the late 1990s, South Korea. When Microsoft released its live playing consoles, the expansion started. Just a few decades later, we are witnessing an explosion with Esports expanding to every corner of the world. The tournaments grew into huge events held in massive arenas, with thousands of people watching live.

Most of the games are first-person shooters (for example, CS: GO), real-time strategy (Warcraft III), MOBA (LoL) types. Everything related to Esports is becoming supersized. We have professional players with impeccable skills, huge crowds of fans and followers, entire arenas sold out. We have sponsorships, millions of dollars in prizes, a developed Esports betting industry too, in which you can take part here. At GamerSaloon, you have $50 Free entry tournament + 25% Deposit Bonus (first-time deposits).

It is expected of Esports to reach a global audience of 303 million people by the end of 2019. According to some experts, however, the peak of this audience might be much higher than we all expected. It is said that it might overcome the audience of football fans!

To put these gigantic numbers in perspective, if Esports followers formed a country, it would be the fourth most populated country in the world (after China, India and the United States). With all three of these countries being powerhouses, we can see how serious this actually is.

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Many argue if Esports is a real sport or not. I do not know how exactly people would define a sport. Golf does not require much physical readiness but is a sport too. Esports requires tactical planning, strategical thought, studying other teams’ strategies – all just like a sport.

Even doping scandals are present! In 2015, on a CS: GO tournament it was found out that many players were using Adderall. This is a medicine for treating ADHD and increasing reflexes and energy. Therefore, even Esports now have drug tests!

Is Esports profitable?

With all these numbers, it’s obvious it is. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Esports betting is rampant in development, too.


According to financial research and statistics, the annual revenue of Esports reached $906 million worldwide in 2018. By the end of 2019, about $1.2 billion is estimated. In 2018, Esports websites allegedly generated more than $37 million in the USA, $34 million in China, $34 million in South Korea and around $4 million in the United Kingdom.

The prizes are ever-rising, and it is just unbelievable that a Fortnite championship had a prize pool of $100 million dollars. This is life-changing money, “how I got rich” story! Well, by playing Fortnite.

Esports betting money is not included in the annual revenue statistics. It is, however, a significant money generator for this industry as well. According to the stats, Esports betting is considered as the seventh most popular betting option. It’s estimated that in 2019, we will see around $10 billion to be wagered on major Esports markets.


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