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Singapore is a country that was always interested in video games. As of now, Singaporeans spend 7.4 hours on average playing games every day. This means they are the most gamer country in the Asia Pacific region! So, it’s natural that Esports is a big thing, and Singapore Esports is watched daily.

Singapore Esports

In terms of consecutive hours played, they are the first in the world. This is according to the State of Online Gaming report done by Limelight Networks. This consumers’ gaming behaviors report says that they spend consecutively an average of 1.56 hours gaming.

The report says that more than 66% of gamers in Indonesia watched others play online every week. Around 9% of these people say that they watched for more than seven hours in total. This means that they spend more time watching Esports than they spend watching traditional sports on TV, or on online traditional sports programs!

Jaheer Abbas, the regional director for India and South East Asia of Limelight Networks said: “Online gaming has taken off exponentially in recent years, be it playing themselves or watching other gamers. As this raises expectations for performance and security, it is of utmost importance that gaming platforms not only focus on creating engaging content but also ensure they deliver highest-quality online experiences that keep gamers playing longer and coming back for more.”

The report also said that Singaporean gamers are considering video games as their professional career. 38% said that they would quit their jobs and start gaming if they could support themselves doing so.

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If there is demand, there is supply! The Singapore Sports club recently started plans on building an Esports training facility, teaming with Team Flash to build it. Now, the local emerging talents should really have a way to present and improve themselves.

You can take a look at the survey here.

This survey included a total of 4500 consumers from various countries. They surveyed people aged 18 and older who played video games at least once a week – Germany, France, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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