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Twickenham Stadium

Esports Arena is on the next level of development these days. Taking the current situation in account, Excel Esports has taken a very important decision, but what’s that? Excel Esports players will train at Twickenham Stadium. In addition, for Twickenham Stadium, this is not the first collaboration with eSports structures. In July 2018, the arena received regional minors for FACEIT Major – London 2018.

Excel Esports

Credits: Excel Esports

Excel Esports has become one of ten participants in  the EU LCS franchise model. The League will move to it from 2019 and will be called the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). Teams will share revenues with players and Riot Games. According to Forbes, slots in the LEC for new members cost $ 13 million, and for teams that were previously in EU LCS, $ 10 million.


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