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FACEIT has revealed everything they did to the look and format of ECS Season 7!

The new format will shift to a more player-friendly schedule that rewards high-level gameplay. FACEIT Co-Founder Michele Attisani stated: “It’s vital that players can perform at their highest level without burning out.”

They have cooperated with players, organizers, and other stakeholders to create a most player-friendly schedule. It will feature more teams, but fewer matches. The main motive is less player fatigue, less concentration loss, and more rewards!

ECS Season 7

The total prize pool for this season stands at $750,000.

Attisani said that FACEIT has “worked extremely hard to determine a format and match timings that suit the players, the community, and that helps the CS:GO ecosystem.”

The upcoming season is going to be broken up into four stages.

Open Qualifiers begin on 16 February. Teams will be signing up for single elimination over 12 days on knockout matches.

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Each of top eight teams from EU and NA will progress to the Challenger Cup where they face eight previously invited teams. This includes the champions Astralis. They will be competing in best-of-three format in a fight for ranks in the regular season. Both will have $25,000 prizes.

The winners of this ECS Season 7’s first three tournaments will be automatically qualified to the LAN finals at SSE Arena. This is where the top-earning sides from EU and NA come into play in a final fight for the ECS Season 7 champion!


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