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In the time of LCK Spring Split, Faker astoundingly performed nine times with Lissandra, from which he delivered eight wins and only one loss to his team SKT T1, but something seemed off.

After the staggering win of 2:0 over Sandbox Gaming, Faker got interviewed in questions of what’s his secret to success, why he picks her so much and how does he feel about Lissandra.

When Faked got questioned on why he’s so good with Lissandra, he replied in simple, yet confident words: “Because I’m good”. From the crowd watching, we could see immediate smiles and positive energy to his reply.

When asked why does he picks her so frequently and how he feels about her, Faker responded: „I don’t think she’s fun to play“, leaving the crowd in state of confusion, after which he came to resolve: “However, it allows me to cover for my teammates even if they are not playing well.”

Image credit: lol-wallpapers

From what we see, Faker is not satisfied with his current team. He even sacrificed his love for Lissandra in giving to carry others. We can only hope Faker can find a team where he feels like he’s among his kind.


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