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Faze clan pubg global championship

The 2019 PUBG Global Championship is the main event of competitive PUBG, the peak any team playing in this game hopes to reach. This year, 32 of the most exceptional teams from all over the world have gathered together at the OGN Super Arena, California to battle it out for the ultimate chicken dinner.

The PGC commenced on Nov. 8, and only 16 teams get to compete at the Oakland Arena in the Grand Finals. The uncertainty of which side walks away with the glory and money makes this tournament even more exciting. With the group stage out of the way, 24 teams have qualified for the semi-finals still to hold in California.

FaZe Clan’s March

Although there are a lot of good teams in this PGC, the team to beat remains FaZe Clan. After Faze Clan did not qualify for the 2018 PUBG Global Invitational, they have gone through a rebuild of their roster. FaZe Clan’s only objective after a disappointing 2018 was to build a PUBG team that could not only win but conquer. Their player combination of Ludvik “Aitzy” Jahnsen, Ivan “Ubah” Kapustin, Anssi “Mxey” Pekkonen and David “Fuzzface” Tillberg have three titles to their name.

The teams win at the GLL Grand Slam in July showed how they operate as a team. FaZe Clan takes its first game as more of practice and like to leave it to late games to rack up kills and chicken dinners.

FaZe Clan’s strength as a team comes not only from the unique playing style but their player’s abilities to step up when needed. If Aitzy plays bad, Ubah picks up the slack and carries the game. For this team, a second-place position will simply not do as their stats show that they should do so much more than that.

While team FaZe look like clear favorites in the Global Championship, favorites do not always translate to champions. There are still some teams that could run away with the grand prize. This article, gives a solid analysis on teams asides FaZe Clan in the race for the Global Championship crown.

Korean’s  OGN Entus Force stands out from the list. OGN’s performance at the Global Championship group stage saw  FaZe Clan settle for the second position in the group. OGN placed first in Phase 3 of the PUBG Korea League.

Credit- PUBGesports

Even though OGN won the group with just a three-point difference, slight margins are all it takes. Twenty-four teams will eventually reduce to 16 and then to one. The shift from the extended game-play these pro-PUBG players typically play in their respective regions changes everything. Anyone could lose, with the rooms for errors reduced.

A chance to win an exclusive PGC 2019 Weapon Skin Set,  a fifty percent cut of the $2million prize pool, best PUBG  team in the world tag among other prizes are up for grabs. It seems like these prizes are all there for team FaZe, but for now, FaZe Clan’s march to the PGC throne remains undefined expectations and hope.

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