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CS:GO Pro Sindi racial slurs

The last few days have seen female CS:GO Pro Tatyana “Sindi” Gracheva in the center of attention due to her making racial slurs towards another player.

Although she was not the only person involved in what seemed to be an argument, her specific choice of words made everything else seem less of a deal. After an exchange of words between David “n0rb3r7” Danielyan and several other pro CS:GO players, Sindi stepped in and proceeded to use racial slurs against Noel “melonhead” Raki. She would continuously repeat the same offense, calling melonhead a “fucking n****r.”

However, after Sindi posted her view of the events on Twitter, the story behind such a brutal reaction turned out to be more than meets the eyes.

CS:GO Pro accused of racial slurs

Who is Tatyana “Sindi” Gracheva?

Hailing from Russia, Sindi is most well-known for her involvement with the London Conspiracy team, who earned a second place at Copenhagen Games 2017. Despite being enrolled in ACES Esport, she is currently considered to be inactive.

What led to the incident involving racial slurs?

There might be a thousand explanations for what led to the event, but these are the ones known to the community. During a game of FACEIT, an argument broke out between Sindi’s teammates and a player called melonhead. Amongst the tangled is Winstrike Team’s n0rb3r7, who happens to be Sindi’s boyfriend. Many of the involved are professional Counter-Strike players.

At first, Sindi stayed out of the argument, being unnoticeable in chat. However, this was to change, as Melonhead started bringing up her nude photographs. Alleged images have been circulating in the past, and are familiar amongst some of the players. That was too much for Sindi and led to her making enraged racial slurs towards the other pro CS:GO player.

cs:go Sindi pictures

How has Sindi responded to accusations of racial slur towards the CS:GO pro player ?

Well, most of the time, Sindi was bringing back the subject to the topic of her naked pictures. Regardless of the racial slurs coming in second by value, she did apologize for making them.

A few years ago, she met with melonhead and the two progressed to be friends. According to Sindi, aside from playing games, they were following each other on social media. Soon enough, things escalated to them sending off pictures to one another. Such a decision would later come to haunt her, as Noel “melonhead” Raki decided to exploit her thrust. Nevertheless, youth does come with regrets, and Sindi shouldn’t be judged for making them.

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Regardless of that incident, I was left confused by her saying Robin “robiin” Sjögren is a “2-faced rat.” She decided to take the higher ground on that topic, and not try to embarrass him by bringing in stuff from the past. So, what grudge do they have on each other will stay a mystery?

It’s hard to say did Sindi ‘s reply bring her any good when it comes to the racial slurs, but the former CS:GO pro has at least tried to justify herself. Maybe there are too many emotions involved, but the racial slurs were the force that drove the outburst not the nude photographs from the past. Maybe she should have reflected more on that instead.

cs:go female pro racism

No matter how hard it is to blame her for having such a reaction, the choice of words still stays highly questionable. I can acknowledge that the main villain of this story should be Melonhead, whose behavior turned out to be highly unethical, but Sindi’s outburst is hard to overlook. What compelled her to make the racial slurs? Why did she consider someone should be offended by them?

Despite these questions seeming far-stretched due to Sindi ‘s racial slurs to a pro CS:GO player having intimate ties to her past, the offense still has the same weight.

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Thankfully, such action did not go unnoticed, and FACEIT did make a response. Sindi has received a three-day ban. However, such a gentle punishment left some wondering. Personally, considering this is her first misdemeanor, I find this ban to be adequate.

csgo pro player sindi

Sadly, Sindi is not an isolated case here, as thousands of players look up to such behavior and find it adequate. You would think that the gaming community is capable of transcending certain beliefs, as we are all here for the same reason and passion. However, the opposite always occurs, and anonymity only brings up to people delivering the worst of them.

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