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FIFA 19 Promo with Ronaldo Sprinting

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… It’s that time of year again – new football simulations are going to hit the market very soon. Yup, this means FIFA 18’s reign if almost up with the new installation already being the heavy favorite to win the best football simulation title. FIFA 19 new features sure look promising which is why we firmly believe it’s going to be the football simulation to play this fall… KONAMI who?

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FIFA 19 Promo Banner with a sprinting Christiano Ronaldo in a Real Madrid team kit

This year, EA Sports are promising game-changing improvements to the series… but I guess that’s nothing new. We hear the same tales every year and, quite honestly, usually they don’t live up to the hype. However, this year it might just be a bit different. There are several big gameplay improvements that could actually shape up FIFA 19 to be a lot better than its predecessors. Considering the popularity of this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup, it seems as though EA Sports is heading in the right direction with FIFA 19.

So, with that being said, let’s take a closer look at FIFA 19 new features, release date, pricing and everything else surrounding this year’s installment in FIFA series.

FIFA 19 New Features – Gameplay Overhaul


ActiveTouch is the first and arguably the biggest FIFA 19 new future which has already been announced. EA Sports claim ActiveTouch will be the biggest game-changer in this year’s installment of FIFA and they have every right for doing so. Why? Well, ActiveTouch pretty much changes even the most basic player movement. With that being said, this new FIFA 19 feature brings forth seamless player movements and ball interactions like never before. Add to that a plethora of new tricks, feints, flicks and much closer ball control and you’ll realize ActiveTouch has plenty of potential.

Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing is a brand-new feature that is going to drastically change how we take shots in FIFA 19. Up until now, we had a power bar that reflected the strength and accuracy of our shot. Yes, there were low shots which required an additional button press after the initial power bar as well as finesse shots… but that was basically it.

Starting with FIFA 19, Timed Finishing will become a new thing for those who want to score under-the-crossbar screamers. Timed finishing will basically act as an extra layer of risk and reward for more skilled players. The power bar is still the basis… but if you want to take more risk (and potentially get more reward), simply press the shoot button again. If you time it perfectly, chances are high your shot will finish in the top bin. On the other hand, if you tap it too early or too late, the quality of your shot will go way off…

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Dynamic Tactics

In-play quick substitutions were a huge addition in FIFA 18. Players loved it and have accepted it as a new standard for FIFA games. This year, EA Sports is building on top of that to add another layer of quick customizability to their game, specifically catered to real tacticians. In addition to the standard pre-match tactical preparations we all know and love, FIFA 19 will include Dynamic Tactics as well. This means players will have the ability to change their game plan and playstyle quickly. They won’t even have to pause the game for this to work properly. New sliders, new tactical options and more intricate in-depth playstyle customization will help you break tough defenses which rely on Mourinho’s park the bus technique.

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Minimap Changes

Perhaps not that important as the previously mentioned 3 new gameplay features, but still a well-praised fix. Yes, that’s it. Minimap changes should be considered a mere fix. So, what are they all about? Well, for a couple of years already, FIFA minimap was suffering on smaller screens. Even more so when both teams play with similarly colored jerseys. This time around, minimap will add triangle icons for easier visibility. In other words, one team’s icons will remain circles while other team’s will become triangles. As simple as that!

The question is now this – how will all of these FIFA 19 new features reflect on FIFA eSports betting considering the popularity of this year’s FIFA 18 eWorld Cup. There will be a brief familiarization period for all professional eSports FIFA athletes.

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New Licenses Onboard

Huge news for all FIFA fans all over the globe. After years and years of KONAMI’s entitlement to licenses for UEFA Championship League and Europa League, EA Sports finally has them back. This means there will no longer be those generic tournament replacements in Manager Mode. In FIFA 19, you’ll get the real deal! Plus, we’ll most likely have all teams from Champions League (perhaps even Europa League, if it’s not too much to ask for) officially licensed. Stadium banners, scoreboards, sleeve badges and all that good stuff will be licensed as well.

There will be new leagues and teams too. More precisely, Chinese Super League will be featured in FIFA 19 after appearing in the official presentation from PlayStation. Yes, this means players such as Hulk and Oscar will be back in FUT, ready to make their claim on In-form cards. Lots of FIFA fans from all over the world salute this news as more teams and players to play with is always a huge plus for every sports simulation… including FIFA!

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Additionally, EA Sports went out of their way to crate that recognizable Champions League atmosphere and actually included new commentator team. To be more precise, Champions League matches will have exclusive commentators – Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. This will make the presentation a lot more authentic and will serve as an immersion booster for sure. If you ask me, this is among the most exciting FIFA 19 new features!

However, there’s one big question that’s still in everyone’s heads, especially after that fiery World Cup 2018 final match – Will Croatian National Team find its way into FIFA 19 after several years of being left out? Well, so far there haven’t been any news on the topic but fingers crossed…

VAR in FIFA 19?

Video Assistant Referee was a big part of the World Cup 2018 in Russia. With that said, it’s only logical to ask the following question – Will VAR be in FIFA 19? The answer is yes… but not in the way most of you think.

You see, VAR has always been in FIFA games, ever since the earliest installments. That’s because FIFA, in its essence, is a computer video game. A simulation of a real sport. With that said, FIFA always knows whether or not it’s a foul… whether it’s a goal kick or corner and all that other gimmicks. The real question should be whether or not will VAR cut scenes be implemented into FIFA 19. And I’m afraid the answer to that question is a no…

FIFA 19 Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, we already know everything there is to know. EA Sports already announced that FIFA 19 will be available globally on 28th of September, but you can get it a couple of days earlier if you get Origin Access Premier or the Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 19 Promo Banner with Ronaldo and Neymar

EA Sports FIFA 19 featuring The UEFA Champions League

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Adelaide Delluci
3 years ago

This dynamic tactics makes me wanna play FIFA rn. But I have a lot of games to finish T_T

Serenity Foster
3 years ago

Woahh thank you for linking me into the FIFA sale thanks. I owe you this one g4c.

Remi Fujisawa
3 years ago

well i’m amazed that Fifa 19 add so new features in their game. This would happen if they want to keep up the heat between Fifa and PES