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FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Comparison

This is it guys – September is already here and that means new iterations of popular seasonal sports games is upon us. The likes of NBA 2K, FIFA, PES and Madden (among others) are all coming in this month. So, for all you sports fans out there, this is the right time to be alive, ain’t it?! As far as football simulations are concerned (and we’re talking about real football here, not that hand-egg thingy played in the USA), FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 comparison is probably the thing you guys want to see the most.

And it’s here – in the next couple of paragraphs we will dissect and explain everything you need to know about the 2 most popular football simulations on the face of the Earth. With small changes to each title, it’s going to be another tight race right to the finish. However, one thing needs to be said before we start off with the actual comparison. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has already been released while FIFA 19 demo version is the only thing we can use for the comparison.

While some things surely will be changed with the final version of the game, we doubt it will be anything major. So, with all that laid on the table, let’s jump straight to the matter at hand and see which of these 2 football simulations is the better option this year around!

FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Comparison

Gameplay Improvements

As far as gameplay improvement in FIFA 19 is concerned, they are bringing in several changes that might greatly affect how we play the game. The first and foremost goes by the name Active Touch and it brings forth massive player movement changes. This gameplay improvement isn’t just related to player movement but their positioning and on-the-ball animations which greatly affect the state on the pitch.

AI players are much more agile and versatile as far as their tactical identity is concerned. While this was something EA has worked on for quite a while, FIFA 19 is the first time we (as players) are noticing real differences. Passing has been vastly changed too. For better or worse… well, I’m afraid that’s on you to decide.

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On the other hand, PES 2019 took things in a completely different way. Their gameplay mechanics were improved in contrast to the last year’s installment, but the changes are leading the franchise in a completely different direction. And it’s not a bad direction by any means. You see, PES 2019 is concentrating more on individual player’s traits. To be more precise, the entire system of gameplay changes has been focused on specific players, making them stand out.

Their traits, aggressiveness, special roles, and mentality makes them the driving factor of teams they play in. Yes, there are other gameplay improvements in PES 2019 as well. Ball physics, general player movement, and animations have been improved too. People who play FIFA for money (esports such as PES and FIFA) always find changes problematic at first. But, once they get used to them, the fuss calmed down and all is well yet again…

There’s no real conclusion as far as FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 comparison in terms of gameplay improvement is concerned. Fans of each game have their personal preferences and it’s hard to sway them one way or another. With both of these games having a unique feel to themselves, it’s safe to say they are now set to make just incremental improvements to their base gameplay mechanics.


I just can’t comprehend people who say PES 2019 has superior graphics to FIFA 19. And the same story goes on year after year with each installment of both franchises. Don’t get me wrong, PES 2019 looks fabulous… High res textures, realistic player faces, solid overall presentation… KONAMI is doing everything correctly… but I still prefer FIFA’s graphics style. And it’s not just because I’m a FIFA fan. Let me elaborate on that…

I’ve already mentioned above that FIFA, year in and year out, has vastly better animations than PES. The same goes for this year too… and is one of the key factors why I can’t enjoy playing PES. Yes, animations have improved, but it’s game-breaking (at least for me) when I see random weird player movements. Whether we’re talking about cutscenes or in-game presentation. That’s just my two cents though as I know many of you favor PES graphics over FIFA. At the end of the day, FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 comparison in terms of graphics might just be a matter of personal preference.

Single Player Modes

Unfortunately for PES, EA Sports finally managed to grab their exclusive Uefa tournament licenses. In other words, this means FIFA now has the rights for Champions League and Europa League presentations and teams. While this doesn’t matter for FIFA as an esport franchise, FIFA eSports betting or even professional players, it’s still an aesthetically pleasing feat. We also shouldn’t forget about new game modes in FIFA besides CL and EL – house rules is surely going to be another massive hit with adjustable rules to play around with your friends.

Multiplayer Modes

FIFA 19 vs PES 2018 comparison can’t be complete without a few words about the multiplayer modes of both games. But I’m sure you guys already know most of the story here… FIFA franchise has one of the most popular online modes in sports simulation video games. FIFA Ultimate Team is the bread and butter of competitive football video gaming. Even though KONAMI is forcing its My Club mode much more than in previous installments of PES, it’s still nowhere near as complex and in-depth as FUT.

Conclusion | Which Football Simulation to buy in late 2018?

As it was the case over the last couple of years, 2018 will be no different as far as football simulations are concerned. FIFA and PES are still the only viable games to choose from. With one of them already being released (PES 2019), the situation already seems pretty clear as to which of these 2 will have better sales figures.

Even though FIFA 19 doesn’t bring any notable improvements regarding career mode, what drives it forward is FUT… and it’s safe to say FUT is EA’s golden egg. On the other hand, PES lost its exclusive licenses for UEFA competitions including the Champions League and Europa League. This is another huge blow for KONAMI’s franchises, and it seems as though its greatly affecting their sales figure.

In KONAMI’s defense, they’ve done an amazing job with PES 2019 – there is no denying this year’s installment of Pro Evolution Soccer is the best one we’ve ever seen! Gameplay has received a massive improvement, bringing the focus towards individual player impact, delivering huge changes on the pitch. So, if you’re looking for a new type of football gameplay, PES 2019 might just be your cup of tea.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the game with a proven concept that works like a charm, has all the teams, leagues and licenses you could wish for alongside a rich (and highly competitive) online platform, then FIFA 19 is the obvious way to go. With that being said, our FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 comparison comes to an end. Thank you all for reading and we hope to see you again soon!


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